5 Things You’re Missing When You Don’t Exercise

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

You see them everywhere: smiling people sporting sneakers, toting around reusable water bottles, looking toned, tan and super healthy. They always seem so full of energy; they rarely get sick; and they seem so positive. What’s their secret? Could it be exercise?

Exercise Benefits

Working out regularly comes with endless benefits. Here are just a few things you’re missing when exercise isn’t a part of your life.

1. Fun. What? Sweating, panting, working your muscles is…fun? You bet! Choosing activities that you enjoy turns ordinary exercise into a good time. While some people prefer to be alone at the gym (lifting weights, doing cardio, swimming), others enjoy being social and getting active with a group (try Zumba, boxing or pole dancing). Maybe hardcore fitness is your thing (CrossFit, boot camps, tabata classes). Whatever you do, keep in mind that staying in shape doesn’t have to be serious to deliver real results.

2. Improved energy. Studies have shown that people who exercise just three days a week consistently feel more energized. It’s amazing how much more alert you can feel just by moving around throughout the day, whether it’s simply walking around your office more or getting out of the building for a stroll around the block. Moving creates energy in your body, which makes you feel less sluggish. For an extra boost, try taking an energy-support supplement.*

3. Self confidence & higher self-esteem. Exercise triggers the release of “feel good” chemicals (endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine) in your body, boosting mood and encouraging confidence. It also has positive effects on self-esteem, especially when you’re losing weight or toning your shape. People who exercise feel better in their clothing, walk with improved posture (they’re proud of their hard work!) and allude self confidence.

4. A healthier lifestyle. When you exercise regularly, other healthy habits—including a better diet—tend to fall in place. You may no longer have the desire to eat fast food or hit the vending machine when the afternoon munchies hit. Along with making better food choices, you may also start taking supplements to support your hardworking body. And the feel-good effects will trigger even more positive behaviors.

5. Better health. The health benefits associated with regular exercise are many: lower blood pressure, reduced stress, improved immunity, improved cardiovascular health and more. Working out also fights the effects of aging, helping to preserve bone density and strength and improving skin health and appearance.

Do you exercise regularly? What’s your favorite benefit? Let me know in the comments below.