5 Ways to Bust Through a Strength Plateau

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

You’ve been training like an animal, but the results just aren’t showing. What gives? It’s likely you’ve hit a plateau””a point where gains are minimal and your body is working only to maintaining only base-level strength. Frustrating, indeed. But before you throw in the towel, check out these helpful strategies to push past plateaus and start packing on muscle again.

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When you’ve reached a strength barrier, super setting is one of the best ways to break through. How’s it done? Pick a machine. Do the exercise, working your muscles to momentary failure. When you can’t go any further, drop the weight by two plates and work to failure again. Don’t stop. Continue to strip the weight in this same way, working to the point of fatigue, until you hit the last plate and can no longer go on.

2. Remember to rest

More is not always better. To increase strength, you might need to reduce the frequency of your training. Resistance training is tough on the body, especially if it’s done every day. To continue growing, you should allow 48 hours between workouts for your body to rest. Without a proper rest period, your body never fully recovers and won’t reach its full potential.

3. Adjust your sets

A small change that can bring big results is to switch up the number of sets you do for any exercise. This presents muscles with “something new” ““providing stimulation  in order to create new gains. If you’ve been doing three sets, drop to two or increase to four. Doing only one set? Up it to two or three. Any variation helps.

4. Go negative

We’re not talking about attitude here. Grab a weight heavier than you’re used to, then lower it as slowly as possible during the relaxation phase of the repetition. Why? It works a different area of the muscle, which means new stimulation and, hopefully, new growth.

5. Pick a pre-workout with power

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