7 Add-Ins to Supercharge Your Smoothies

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

You know the drill: toss frozen fruit into the blender, pour in milk or juice, sprinkle in a scoop of whey powder and—voila, your smoothie is ready. But? Blah! You’ve been sipping the same protein drink for as long as you can remember, and it’s beyond boring. Don’t switch to bars just yet. You can bring back excitement to your favorite healthy beverage with a number of easy add-ins. Here are a few of my favorites.

7 Clever Smoothie Add-Ins You Haven't Tried Yet

Chia & flax seeds

By adding just two tablespoons of a unique chia, flax, coconut and cocoa blend, your smoothie will go from snooze-worthy to sensational. Besides enjoying the decadent flavor combination of chocolate and coconut, you’ll be fueling up with extra fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and calcium.

Bee pollen granules or powder

Want an un-bee-lieveably healthy smoothie? Spoon in a couple of tablespoons of bee pollen. These little granules are packed with nutrients, such as amino acids, proteins, minerals, vitamins and enzymes – that your body will love. Start with just a few granules at a time (to make sure there is no allergic reaction) and build up to 1-2 tablespoons per smoothie or shake.


Maca comes from a root vegetable and is rich in many beneficial nutrients. Said to be a staple in the diets of ancient warriors for its energizing effects, maca may be just the boost you need before a big workout. It’s also easily digested and just a teaspoon or two is enough to enhance your drink.

Coconut water powder

Maybe you’ve tried coconut water. But did you know it’s available in powder form? Just add one or two tablespoons to your post-workout protein drink when your body needs extra hydration, electrolytes and minerals.  You’ll get all the benefits of coconut water simply by adding a scoop to any drink.

Powdered peanut butter

If you’ve been avoiding peanut butter as a protein add-in because of its high fat content, try powdered peanut butter. With up to 90 percent less fat than ordinary peanut butter, you can still enjoy the protein and flavor of of your favorite nutty spread without worrying about extra calories and fat.

Nut & seed butter blend

Why settle for just nuts (or nut butter) or seeds in a smoothie? Get the benefits of both in a unique blend that will not only enhance flavor but add a ton of extra nutrients, including protein, omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and more.

Matcha green tea powder

Battle back free radicals generated during exercise by adding a tablespoon of matcha green tea powder to a smoothie.* Containing phytonutrients and compounds known as catechins, matcha is made from shade-grown and early-harvested Camelia sinensis plants. It’s bright green in color and strong in flavor, so a pinch is all you need to rev up a drink.

Supercharged Post-Workout Protein SmoothieSupercharged Post-Workout Protein Smoothie


2 scoops whey/green protein powder 
1/2 banana (or fruit of choice)
1/4 cup oatmeal
1 tsp. maca powder
2 Tbsp. nut butter
1/2 tsp. bee pollen
1 scoop glutamine powder
Almond milk, coconut water or coconut milk (to achieve desired consistency)
1 cup (or more) ice


In blender, combine all ingredients and process for 15-30 seconds.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.