9 Must-Have Products for Personal Trainers

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Personal trainers – this post is for you! Is your gym bag missing something? Here are my 9 personal favorite products (and tools) to help make your workday easier, more efficient and effortlessly successful!

personal trainer items

1. A good attitude: OK, this one isn’t a product, but it’s important! Your clients are counting on you to motivate and inspire them, so look forward to each training session with them and they will feel that you truly care about their progress.

2. Tape measure: this is probably one of the most important tools you’ll have. The scale doesn’t always show weight loss but the tape measure does and your clients need to see that they are making improvements.

3. Fat caliper: along with your tape measure taking your clients body fat measurements every 8 weeks or so will also help to keep them motivated and on track.

4. Jump rope: jumping rope in between sets is a great way to incorporate cardio (and HIIT training) for clients, especially for those on a tight schedule.

5. Log book: – having client’s info on your computer or phone is great but sometimes these devices aren’t always reliable, I always keep a hard copy of each client’s workouts in a journal.

6. Smartphone apps: There’s no shortage of apps available for tracking fitness progress. Personally, I recommend that my clients download a heart rate monitor app and a daily calorie tracker (MyFitness Pal is my fave) to keep track of these important stats.

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7. Stacker bottles: Sometimes we get so busy with clients, we forget to take time out for our own daily nutrition needs. With the Stacker Bottle, you have compartments for your protein powder, supplements such as daily vitamins, snacks Vitacost Organic Harvest Trail Mix, and even a compartment for your keys.

8. Hand sanitizer: Unfortunately, gyms can be a germy place. To avoid catching someone else’s sniffles, I recommend you keep hand sanitizer in your bag to use in between clients.

9. Protein bar: I always keep a protein bar in my bag because you just don’t know when you’re going to need it. Quest bars have such a wide variety of flavors you never get tired of them, and 21 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar, high in fiber and low in carbs, what’s not to love about them!