A Day in the Life of a Gluten-Free Eater

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

I didn’t always follow a gluten-free lifestyle, but as I started to become aware of the fact that the foods I ate every day were affecting my health and well-being, something clicked. I began to realize that certain foods just didn’t sit well with me. What followed was a series of allergy tests and elimination diets to find out what the culprits might be. Gluten turned out to be a biggie. It had to go!

A Day in the Life of a Gluten-Free Eater

My diet has changed over the years, with more thought and planning going into my everyday meals than ever before. But it’s well worth the effort! Now, gluten-free eating is second-nature to me.

Step into a day in my life, as a gluten-free eater:


Breakfast is usually planned the night before. Whether I’ll be eating red quinoa drizzled with sunflower seed butter and cinnamon or drinking a simple smoothie, I quickly check my pantry and refrigerator to make sure that I have all the ingredients on hand. (I love this recipe for morning fuel: Choco-Kiwi Smoothie.)


One of my go-to meals for lunch at the office is lentils cooked with carrots or sweet potatoes, or my ginger and red lentil soup, brought from home. I try to stick with simple yet filling meals that are nourishing and allow me to focus at work.  Another favorite is quinoa and beans with half of an avocado on top.

If I’ll be dining out for lunch, I begin by telling the server that I have a gluten allergy (and a few other allergies). To make it easy and safe, I started carrying an allergy card that I can hand over when I order my meal (download yours here!). I show my card, then  ask the server if the menu item I’d like to order is OK based on my dietary restrictions. Most often, I opt for a salad or roasted veggies with a protein, or – if it’s available – a sweet potato or brown rice. If a dish comes with a sauce that’s in line with my diet, I order it on the side (even gluten-free sauces can be loaded with excess sugar and oil).

Snack time

When snack time rolls around, I’ll check the office vending machine, but more often than not, everything contains gluten. That’s why I tend to bring my own—things like seasonal fruit or some cucumber slices or celery with avocado or sunflower seed butter. Some days call for a little dark chocolate, and my homemade brownie batter bites or a couple squares of Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate hit the spot!


A favorite meal for dinner is taco salad with cooked ground grass-fed beef seasoned wand spices from our pantry. Served with chopped cilantro, avocado, crisp lettuce and non-GMO taco shells (for my husband). We’re not big on eating pasta at home, but I do like black bean pasta with sunflower seed butter sauce or gluten-free noodles with pasta sauce and cooked ground turkey. Dinners are focused on a healthy protein, veggies, and whole intact grains such as black rice, brown rice couscous or red quinoa. Coconut curry chicken is another gluten free family favorite!

Living the lifestyle

What helps me the most is to focus on fresh foods that I can enjoy. All fruit, veggies, meat and seafood are naturally gluten free!  I do eat gluten free bread on occasion, but I’ve discovered and explored delicious gluten-free, whole, intact grains too. It’s important to read labels on any packaged food, and if you’re in doubt, it’s better to not eat something than to suffer later.

Along the way, I’ve also learned that what you put on your body that matters, too. Anything that goes onto your skin gets into your blood within 20 seconds! I’ve chosen to use gluten-free, allergen-friendly body care products to stay on the safe side. I love Dr. Wood’s Peppermint Soap for my face and body—it’s great for everyday use and non-drying. To moisturize at night, I’ll often use simple coconut oil with high-grade essentials oils. Jason brand has a gluten-free body lotion, as well, that works nicely in the winter months.

When living gluten free, what goes into your food and on your body matters! Make wise choices, and you will feel all the better for your efforts. Wishing you the best in health and beyond.