Dr. Audrey Ross

Dr. Ross has been with Country Life over 11 years and serves as the Senior National Educator providing product training for retailers and consumers throughout the U.S. She joined the team with an extensive 30 year background in the Natural Products Field. She possesses a PhD in Naturopathy, is a Master Herbalist and also has a degree in Marketing.

For 10 years Dr. Ross ran a successful Naturopathic consulting practice in Texas where she served as overall health coach to her patients. She has conducted national and international seminars on general nutrition, weight loss, managing chronic health challenges (including diabetes and hyperlipidemia), stress reduction, label reading and proper supplementation.

Additionally, she co-authored a book on female hormone management and is a frequent guest speaker on numerous radio shows. Her passion for education and her extensive knowledge has helped her bridge the historical divide between allopathic and naturopathic medical practices.

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