Dr. Robert Graham

Robert E. Graham, MD, MPH, is a Harvard-trained physician, board certified in Internal and Integrative Medicine, and trained chef. Dr. Graham received his medical degree from the School of Medicine at Stony Brook University Medical Center and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital. He earned a Masters of Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health while completing three fellowships in General Internal Medicine, Complementary and Integrative Medical Therapies and Medical Education at Harvard Medical School. One of less than 20 doctor/chefs worldwide, he obtained his culinary degree from the Natural Gourmet Institute.

A leader in the field of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Graham has prescribed “food as medicine” for over 15 years,. He has taught over 500 healthcare workers how to cook, created the first edible rooftop garden on a hospital in NYC and is the founder of FRESH Medicine, an integrative health and wellness center in NYC. FRESH is an acronym for five ingredients for health: Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep and Happiness. In 2019, Dr. Graham launched an online school called FRESHMEDU with his wife, Julie.