4 Surprising Ways to Use Eye Cream for Something Other Than Your Eyes

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While eye cream is an essential part of your skin care routine, you might be surprised to learn that it can be used for other things as well.

According to Kirsten Thomas, the founder of Ayr Skin Care, “Eye serums are generally the most power packed skincare product in a line, chock full of anti-aging and de-puffing ingredients.” So while they work well to keep the delicate skin around your eyes fresh and youthful, you can also put this total multitasker to work in other places too!

If you love products that can work double duty, read on here to discover four surprising ways that you can use your eye cream for something other than your eyes.

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Eye Cream Beauty Hacks

1. Adjust concealer texture

Mixing a little eye cream with your cream concealers will make your products creamier in texture, which helps with a smoother application. Not only that, your concealer will last longer because you won’t get as much creasing or flaking. Sweating can make wearing makeup frustrating, as extra moisture affects anything you put on your skin. With just a touch of your eye cream, you can prevent many makeup problems caused by sweating.

Paired with a concealer that can take you from the yoga mat to office chat, your eye cream just got that much more useful!

2. Lessen the look of wrinkles

If you’ve got those small wrinkles between your brows, you can wave them goodbye with a little dab of eye cream. Once you finish applying some around your eyes, use the leftover product to reduce the fine lines between your eyebrows.

“When you choose to use high-quality products, they’ll have the same benefits in a number of similar situations,” says Dr. Bernard Salameh, founder of Salameh Skin Care. “Since you’re already using your eye cream to reduce fine lines around your eyes, the cream can do the same for other lines in areas where your skin is just as sensitive and delicate.”

So while your eye cream may not have very powerful effects on your forehead, other places where your skin is thin and delicate can benefit from whatever anti-aging skin care brand you currently use.

3. Hydrate your lips

Like keeping the skin between your eyebrows smooth and fine line-free, eye cream can also keep your lips and the skin around them ultra-hydrated. Many people tend to neglect these areas of the face and just purchase a basic lip balm, thinking that’s sufficient on its own. However, as you get older, it’s a good idea to re-evaluate your skincare routine to include something specifically for your lips and surrounding areas.

“My favorite thing to do if I have any excess product left on my finger after applying it to my eye area is to use it on the “whistle line” area above my lips,” Thomas advises.  Another option is to layer your lip balm and eye cream – this is an easy fix that won’t break the bank! You get the soothing hydration and repair for delicate skin from your cream, and the balm will help seal in the moisture and protect your lips throughout the day.

4. Smooth your cuticles

Eye cream is made to be extra hydrating since the skin around your eyes is much more delicate than than in other areas. Because it’s more easily damaged, you need better protection and healing than what you get out of a basic body cream or lotion. Another sensitive area that’s just as temperamental as the skin around your eyes, is your cuticles. When they’re dry or damaged, it can be extremely painful!

Next time you get a hangnail, don’t pick at it, but reach for your eye cream instead. The extra hydration from your eye cream will target and repair the damage with no muss and no fuss. If you already have a cuticle care cream in your nail care routine, you might never encounter this issue, but it’s always a good idea to have options in case you’re out of one of your favorite products.

Versatile Skin Care Products

Now that you know how versatile eye cream can be, it’s time to start looking at every item on your skin care list to see how else they can be used. You want all your products to be as flexible as possible so you don’t have to buy a different product for every little thing. Using household items for better skin care is also a great way to supplement the products you already have! Turmeric, honey, yogurt and cucumbers can all make skin care easy and fun.

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