9 Herbal Essential Oils You Must Have at Home

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by | Updated: May 26th, 2023 | Read time: 5 minutes

When you’re thinking about freshening up your home, you can’t go wrong by opting for an herbaceous scent to perk up your rooms. Herbs commonly found in your kitchen, like basil and peppermint, do more than add a savory touch to a dish. Herb-based plant extracts offer many therapeutic benefits, such as supporting a healthy immune system, aiding in digestion and boosting skin radiance, to name a few.

Some herbal essential oils can improve the ambiance of a room and eliminate odors – not just mask the smell. It’s their anti-pathogenic properties that help to eliminate bacteria-causing odor and “damp-room smell.”

These aromatics not only lead you on a sensory journey, they’re also fabulous when diffused in your living spaces. Here’s a closer look at benefits of essential oils plus the nine herbal essential oils you must have at home. You never know when the occasion calls for them.

An Essential Oil Bottle is Surrounded by Herb Sprigs and Dried Botanicals, Representing Benefits of Essential Oils.

Benefits of Essential Oils Plus 9 Herbal Must-Haves

1. Basil

The notes of basil essential oils are crisp, floral and spicy. When used properly, it can support a healthy digestive system and female wellness, plus soothe muscle and joint pain†. When used as aromatherapy in the home, it provides a calming and uplifting effect, helping with everyday life stressors. A 2013 study published in Molecules found that basil essential oil has antibacterial properties.

2. Fennel

Similar to anise and licorice, fennel is sharp and intense. For days when you want to feel encouraged and comforted, fennel’s energizing and balancing aroma would be your pick for the diffuser. According to a study, it may also protect against exposure to outside pollutants. The research found the components in fennel to help decrease inflammation. Conclusion: fennel essential oil is impressive when it comes to purifying the air.

3. Lemongrass

Lemongrass has a slight lemon scent. The overall aroma is fruity and floral. Use lemongrass essential oil to eliminate odors in spaces like closets, bathrooms, gym bags, shoes or anywhere you’d like. Authors of a 2014 study found that it can be used “as air decontaminant in hospitals.” This essential oil is safe for home use in air purification, cleaning and removing outdoor pests.

4. Marjoram

Marjoram comes from the mint family and is very floral. The ancient Greeks and Romans regarded it as a symbol of happiness. Touted for its relaxation benefits, marjoram essential oil aids in freshening up linens and shoes. This oil is often used before sleep, but you don’t have to wait until then. Use this during a 15-minute power nap or when the room feels dull and cluttered and you want to feel more grounded.

5. Oregano

You may already have oregano essential oil in your medicinal cabinet because it’s widely popular as a therapeutic. You may also have sprinkled oregano on your dishes. Research shows that this oil is so potent, it goes beyond its biological activities. Did you know this bold and spicy extract also soothes, comforts and cleanses the air of impurities? The active compounds carvacrol and thymol make it an effective disinfectant for cleaning and purifying. Go easy on this one, and don’t overdo it.

6. Peppermint

This herb is so common you may have it somewhere in your home, whether in toothpaste, gum or tea. As an essential oil, the warmth and spiciness freshen the room as it does with the breath. Peppermint essential oil contains menthol, and its cooling effects are very healing. A study shows peppermint oil may help during exercise. Pepper this mint around the home to invigorate your room, workout space or as a pest repellant.

7. Rosemary

Rosemary is also part of the mint family like marjoram and sage. Remember the rosemary-lemon chicken you may have had? This herb in extract form helps eliminate odors due to its biological compounds and antimicrobial activities. Rosemary essential oil contains antioxidants and has a robust aroma. When you’re in your room working or studying, this essential oil is an excellent aid in enhancing focus and concentration, according to a 2012 study.

8. Sage

Sage is used mainly in cooking, but traditionally it has been used in clearing ceremonies to rid old energies. You can use sage essential oil at home whenever you need to clear away some stuck or negative energies. That’s because this bold and herbaceous aroma is not only a master of ceremonies (no pun intended), it’s a home deodorizer, too. You can also add a few drops to baking soda for the ultimate deodorizer.

9. Thyme

Time and time again, thyme essential oil is bold and pungent. It’s a powerhouse packed with thymol, known for its anti-pathogenic properties. For the home, thyme oil purifies surfaces and neutralizes unwanted odors. It’s commonly found in natural cleaning products because of its ability to kill 99.99% of household germs. This essential oil is that powerful.

The Benefits of Essential Oils Are Clear

As you can see, herbal essential oils work wonders for the heart, mind and body depending on what mood and purpose you want to create and experience in your home.

Robert Tisserand, a leading expert in aromatherapy and essential oils research, writes, “aromatherapy is a collection of different ways of using essential oils.” Whether you use the oils for energizing therapy or odor elimination, their synergistic effects allow you to reap many benefits, even if your intention is to uplift the state of your home.

Aside from the considerable research conducted on the health benefits of essential oils, we now know they freshen up the home, eliminate odors and improve the ambiance of every room. Scents change our perceptions and improve our moods and can transform a stale room into an energizing one.

There’s no right or wrong way to use these essential oils. If you don’t know which oil to use, smell each one and see which resonate with you that day. Let the relaxing scents of these nine herbal essential oils carry you swiftly through your day-to-day. And, remember, a little goes a long way.

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