Brand Spotlight: Naturade Supplements

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

Since 1926, Naturade has been developing and producing a wide range of natural formulas to support various areas of health. Naturade supplements are well known in health and wellness circles for their superior quality, effectiveness and value.

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Naturade proudly offers an array of natural dietary supplements, including:

Naturade Nasal Spray: Soothe stuffy, sore and irritated noses with this gentle, non-medicated aloe and saline spray. It’s free of alcohol and other harsh ingredients, so it’s safe even for the smallest noses in the family.

Naturade Herbal Expec: Is meddlesome mucus making your life more difficult? Clear congested bronchial passageways with this helpful herbal expectorant. The smooth cherry flavor goes down easily, while active ingredient guaifenesin helps to loosen phlegm.

Naturade Soy Protein Booster: This great-tasting powder contains 25 grams of high-grade soy protein per serving, plus a range of amino acids. Add a scoop to your favorite food or drink for a simple way to support bone and heart health.

Other popular formulas from Naturade include CoQ10 PLUS, SlumberAid and more.