Build Muscle Fast: Up and Down the Rack

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Who doesn’t want to  look in the mirror and see bulging biceps and six-pack abs? In order to get continuous results from your workouts, you’ve got to increase their intensity””and do it often. Switching things up regularly will bring about the changes you long to see. A good way to do it? Try supersetting.

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A training method that involves back-to-back exercises without rest in between, supersetting is a great way to shock your muscles and boost the level of your workout. It’s also lets you accomplish more work in less time””ideal for those determined to pack on new muscle mass.

Here are two techniques to add to your strength-training program:

Drop sets
Performing drop sets, or going down the rack, is one of the most common ways to super set. It works like this: if you’re doing dumbbell lateral raises, for example, complete a set to failure. Next, pick up a set of dumbbells five pounds lighter than your first pair. Work to failure again. Drop those weights and grab the next set, down by another five pounds. Continue working to failure and moving down the rack until there’s no weight left and your muscles are wiped.

Ascending reps
Another way to score an incredible muscle pump is to go up the rack. Start off with moderately heavy warm-up weights and perform 10 reps. Finish the set, drop “˜em, and reach for another, heavier pair. Again, do 10 reps. Keep going, without resting between sets, moving up the rack as far as you can possibly go until failure. Talk about shocking your muscles!

Give it your all
To  make muscle happen, you’ve got to be consistent, and you’ve got to give 100% on every single rep. Attack your workout, then finish strong with MuscleTech ® Nitro-Tech ®, a powerful protein formula with ultra-pure whey isolate protein, creatine and aminos. Consuming protein post-workout is essential to help your body repair and build lean muscle tissue.