Finding Power Through Movement: From Stiff and Sedentary to Thriving Yogi

by | Updated: January 25th, 2018 | Read time: 4 minutes

Unmotivated, unhealthy and anxious are words that used to define Jen Treece—a once sedentary young woman who turned to healthy living after discovering a cardio-intensive style of yoga.

Vitacost Influencer: Jen Treece |

Thanks to Buti yoga (yes, it’s pronounced exactly how you think it is!), a dynamic yoga asana practice fused with primal movement, tribal dance and deep core engagement, Jen finally fell in love with working out.  

“I often refer to it as my soul mate workout,” says Jen. “From there, life began to change for the better as I became stronger, healthier and more flexible. Falling in love with movement then led to nutrition, essential oils and finally honoring my body in ways that I previously couldn’t comprehend.”

After years of struggling with anxiety, both yoga and focusing on healthful eating began to ground her.

Vitacost Influencer Jen Treece Practicing Yoga with Vitacost Box in Classroom | she loves her day job teaching elementary school students, Jen fulfills her “dream job” on the side as a registered yoga teacher. In addition to teaching four Buti yoga classes during the week, she runs and lifts weights on the weekends.

When she’s not shaking her “buti” at the studio, Jen enjoys reading, relaxing to soothing music and snuggling with her pups on the couch. (Fun fact: Jen has two dogs, three cats and two hermit crabs—all of which she and her supportive husband have rescued.)

Through yoga and her personal choice to follow a healthier way of life, Jen found her Zen, her calling and developed some pretty impressive flexibility along the way.

So how does she bend (and not break) like a boss? Read on to find out.

1. What motivated you to pursue your healthy lifestyle?

A few friends led to me to Buti yoga, which changed my life. I went from a mostly sedentary life to loving movement. With movement, I started to research healthy living and soon changed my lifestyle all around.

2. Fueled by daily inspiration, your Instagram (@yogakicksmyasana) is pretty awesome. What’s your overall mission?

I believe there is power in truth. My goal is to help others find and turn their personal truth into strength and empowerment through movement and healthy living.

My life was so changed by Buti yoga that I felt moved to share with anyone and everyone that I could. I want others to feel empowered, and to understand that it’s never too late to start and wherever you are is perfect.

3. In turn, how has using social media helped you?

Instagram is a fabulous source of motivation. I love following all the like-minded individuals and seeing their struggles as well as triumphs. Seeing others go through the same thing not only inspires, but motivates me to be my best possible self.

4. In that case, is there anyone in particular that you look up to?

I look up to mom. It may be cliché, but she’s seriously amazing. She has recently started attending my yoga classes and changing her lifestyle to become the healthiest version of herself!

5. In addition to movement, you’ve adopted a healthier diet too. What does that look like?

I feel best when following the paleo lifestyle. I don’t like to call it a diet because it truly is a way of life. I’ve been eating this way for almost five years now and feel so much healthier, stronger and energized. For me, it began as a personal choice and has morphed into a better way of life all around.

6. Walk us through your typical day of eating.

Breakfast: eggs & sweet potato
Snack: banana/piece of fruit
Lunch: salad with chicken and a homemade dressing or leftovers from the night before
Snack: LÄRABAR Nut & Seed Bar
Dinner: turkey burger, roasted veggies (with coconut aminos) & Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid tea afterward

7. Yum! And your favorite food to indulge on?

Pizza! Paleo version made from a tapioca crust and Organicville pizza sauce.

8. Aside from the pizza sauce, what are your top 3 must-haves from Vitacost?

9. But why do you really love Vitacost?

I adore Vitacost—just ask my friends and family (or my [package] delivery person)! I found Vitacost at the beginning of my paleo journey and haven’t looked back. Being from a small rural town, I can’t always find the ingredients necessary and when I do, they are very pricey. Vitacost allows me to eat healthy and still maintain a budget. It also helps that they deliver!

10. You’ve seem to really have it all figured out. What advice would you give to someone who’s just getting started?

Do it. Jump right in. It’s so easy to talk yourself out of it—but just start. Give yourself a week, then two and keep going until it’s your way of life. You’ll feel so much better and won’t imagine turning back!