Cheers to Your Health with These 3 Holiday Mocktails

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by | Updated: October 13th, 2020 | Read time: 2 minutes

You should take a moment to recognize all the great moments you’ve experienced the past year. Even though the holiday season flies by in a blur, you have a lot to celebrate. And there’s no better way to do that than with a toast – and a few delicious, seasonal sippers in hand. These holiday “mocktails” are virgin versions of festive favorites, but they don’t have any sugary syrups, sodas or artificially flavored juices. Because they rely on real, nutrient-packed juices, these drinks are safe for little ones to drink and save you the calories. That alone is worth a cheers.

Below are three easy mocktails you can throw together in mere minutes. For complete directions (and some fun laughs), watch the video demo below (or click here). 


Sparkling Cranberry Holiday Cocktail
Take your party up a notch by bringing down the calories and cutting out the sodas and syrups. This lightened-up cocktail is made with pure cranberry juice concentrate and sparkling apple cider. You’ll finish it off with a few orange slices and decorate each glass with a fresh, whole cinnamon stick. Your guests will surely be impressed!

Pomegranate Punch
No celebration is complete without a little bubbly. Instead of Champagne, you’ll top this one off with a hit of sparkling water or club soda. The pure pomegranate juice and OJ are all the sweetness you need. Feel free to add more or less juice. In other words, mix until you’re merry.

Stone-Fruit Sangria
As with any sangria, the fruit is the star of the show. Let it shine even when it’s not in season. Frozen stone fruits, like peaches and cherries, are perfect for this party favorite, because you know they were picked at peak freshness. Plus, they double as ice cubes without watering down your drink. A touch of raw honey adds healthy goodness and plays up the fruits’ natural flavors. Clink!  

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