Coconut Nectar: Nature’s Healthiest Sweetener?

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Q: What is coconut nectar?

A: With the recent buzz about the dangers of refined sugar, many of us are seeking out healthy and natural replacements. Coconut nectar comes from the sap of the coconut tree and is not only delicious, but is an excellent alternative to traditional cane sugar — and most “natural” sweeteners, for that matter.

Coconut Nectar - A Better Natural Sweetener

Coconut nectar is one of the least processed natural sweeteners on the market, and the process is very simple. The water in coconut sap is evaporated at a low temperature to give coconut nectar its thick and delicious consistency. There is a common misconception that coconut nectar has a coconut-like taste, but we found the taste to fall somewhere between brown sugar and molasses.

Q: What are the benefits of coconut nectar?

A: For one, it’s absolutely delicious! Aside from the obvious reason we’re using it, coconut nectar has a lot of other benefits that most sweeteners do not. With the same (or arguably greater) level of sweetness as many popular sweeteners, switching to coconut nectar may prove to be an nutritionally savvy idea.

Many sweeteners lose most of their nutritional content during processing. But because of its simple extraction method, coconut nectar is able to retain its offering of 17 amino acids, vitamins B and C, plus various other vitamins and minerals.

That’s not all. Coconut nectar has a lower-than-average glycemic index. With a glycemic index of 35, coconut nectar lies significantly below organic sugar (47), raw sugar (65) and refined sugar (80).  A lower glycemic index translates to healthier blood sugar levels.*

Q: How is coconut nectar used?

A: Coconut nectar can be used anywhere traditional sugar or any sugar substitute is used. It can also be used like a syrup and drizzled on top of pancakes, apple slices or a bowl of oatmeal. Keep in mind that coconut nectar is very sweet and may only require a teeny amount to reach desired levels of sweetness. Below is an excellent smoothie recipe that utilizes coconut nectar in a delicious vegan protein smoothie.

Sweet Almond Vanilla Protein Smoothie

2 Tbsp. raw almond butter
1 scoop hemp protein
½ Tbsp. coconut nectar
1 cup almond milk
1 tsp. vanilla
4-6 cubes ice

Directions: Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth and creamy. Drink post-exercise and enjoy!