Homemade Mother’s Day Gift: DIY Salt Diffuser

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When you scraped your knee or got stung by a bee, Mom wiped your tears and told you everything was going to be okay. Your biggest champion, she attended your swim meets and soccer games, even when it meant spending the day roasting in the sun. She was at your side, studying for math tests and writing book reports. You can’t repay mom for all she’s done for you, but you can make her a special, homemade Mother’s Day gift. This DIY diffuser is easy to make but helps give your mama the ever-elusive gift of relaxation.

DIY Diffuser with Pink Salt & Essential Oils as Homemade Mother's Day Gift | Vitacost.com/blog


2 tsp. Aura Cacia Rose Absolute in Jojoba Oil
2 tsp. Aura Cacia Sandalwood in Jojoba Oil
4 cups Himalayan pink salt (depending on size of glass dish or bowl used)
1 unscented tea candle
Glass dish


  1. In a dish or bowl, combine salt and essential oils. Use a spoon to toss until salt is fully coated.
  2. Nestle candle in salt. Light candle to diffuse aroma.
  3. When aroma fades, add additional essential oils.