11 Creative (and Eco-Friendly) Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays

by | Updated: October 13th, 2020 | Read time: 3 minutes

Gift-giving season is upon us once again. In addition to wowing your lucky recipients with the perfect presents this Christmas, Hanukkah and/or Kwanzaa, impress them with your creative wrapping skills. After all, presentation is everything!

Holiday Gifts Wrapped Using Packaging Paper and Twine | Vitacost.com/Blog 

Think outside the box

There’s nothing wrong with plain store-bought wrapping paper and ribbon. But more creative gift-wrapping solutions will show your family and friends that you put extra time and effort into their holiday offerings (plus, it’s fun to use materials that may otherwise be tossed away).

Following are several inspired gift-wrapping ideas to impress everyone on your list this year:

1. Wrap gifts in brown butcher paper

After all, it serves as the perfect canvas for your creativity. Keep it simple and elegant by writing the recipient’s name on the paper with a metallic paint pen, or create an elaborate work of art with crayons, paint and/or stamps.

 2. Make your own potato-stamped paper

And speaking of stamps, this next gift-wrapping idea involves carving patterns (e.g., trees, stars) into potatoes and stamping them onto construction paper. All you’ll need are spuds, paint and, of course, paper. Enlist the kids to help with this whimsical gift wrap!

3. Give geami wrap a go

Don’t have the time or desire to decorate your own wrapping paper? Not to worry. A cost-effective alternative to bubble wrap, geami wrap features a modern, eye-catching honeycomb design that’s attractive enough to replace traditional wrapping paper (plus, it’s what’s used to secure most items in your Vitacost.com order—hooray for recycling!). Even better, it will cushion and protect your most fragile items, and its biodegradable!

4. Dress up gifts with doilies

Shabby chic” is always in fashion. After all, who can resist the look of lace? To incorporate this soft, feminine style into your gift wrap, simply cover your presents with one or more doilies, depending on their size.

5. Give new life to an old sweater

Last season’s sweaters are perfect for wrapping this seasons gifts! Use the sleeves to conceal round items, like candles and mugs, and tie off each end with decorative ribbon. Or, use the middle as you would regular wrapping paper. Tip: Secure the sweater in place with strong tape or staples.

 6. “Wrap” it in a jar

Instead of a standard gift box, neatly arrange a small present inside a mason jar. Tie a ribbon around the lid and voila—instant gift wrap, no paper needed! Plus, friends and family can reuse or recycle the jars in the future.

7. Tie it up in tulle

Light and airy, tulle is a wonderful—and beautiful—choice for wrapping holiday presents. The elegant mesh material is especially useful for wrapping small boxes and large gift baskets.

Finishing touches

Want to take your inventive gift wrap to the next level? Try the following enhancements:

8. Add bling

Glitter, rhinestones, sequins and buttons can go a long way toward boosting the wow factor of your wrapping paper.

9. Pile on fresh foliage

Gather twigs and greenery to give your gift wrap a natural, seasonal feel.

10. Make handmade gift tags

Use cardstock, old photos and pages from books to create unique, personalized gift tags for friends and family.

11. Rethink ribbon

Replace it with twine, lace, yarn, shoelaces or strands of beads. The only limit is your own creativity!

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