DIY Aloe Vera Ice Cubes for Summer-Ready Skin

Blanche Baxter |

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Summer is fun – but the blazing sunshine can definitely stress out your skin. Give it a boost with homemade aloe vera ice cubes!

Homemade Aloe-Infused Ice Cubes in Ice Cube Mold |

This natural, DIY creation is the perfect skin saver for hot days and spicy nights. If you’re into natural skin care, than you’re likely already a fan of versatile aloe vera and it’s soothing benefits. The water contained in this succulent plant’s long leaves make it great for hydration.

Outdoor adventures often mean there’s plenty of time to catch sunburns, bug bites, rashes and other sources of inflammation. Aloe’s moisturizing, antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics soothe, cool and heal skin, plus reduce redness and inflammation.

These game-changing ice cubes are easy to make and will leave you saying, “ahh!”

Popping them in the freezer takes the healing benefits to another level because the ice shrinks pores while amping up the circulatory and anti-inflammatory benefits.

How to make aloe vera ice cubes

Start with fresh aloe vera straight from the plant, or a high-quality aloe vera gel from Pour gel into an ice cube tray, and give it a quick freeze. The cubes will be ready when you need them. Voila! You’ve got a functional, cruelty-free skin care product that’s free of fillers, additives, parabens, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and beyond.

To take your cubes to the next level, check out the following additions.

Aloe leaf method

If you have an aloe plant, that’s fantastic! Be sure to use one of the bigger, healthier leaves toward the bottom. Simply use a knife to make an angled cut at the leaf’s base to separate it from the plant. Otherwise, grab a nice leaf from a friend’s plant or your local market.

Here’s what you’ll need:


1. Wash the leaf, your hands and your cutting surface to prevent any bacteria from getting into your cubes.

2. Slice off the spiny side edges and carefully slice the green skin off the top of the leaf by running the knife just under the skin. (Another option is to use a vegetable peeler to peel off the outer green parts.) Then, flip leaf over and do the same to the bottom side, leaving the fillet of clear gel in the middle. Note: If the leaf is small, slice it in half, open it up with the inside face up and run vegetable peeler along the insides to gather all the clear gel.

3. Transfer gel to blender or food processor and pulse, using a little water if necessary. Freeze until ready to use.

Amplify your aloe

The best part about this method is that you control what goes in, meaning you get to create your recipe according to your personal needs.

To enhance your cubes, follow the above method, and before freezing, get creative by adding additional ingredients.

Nourishing add-ins:

How to use aloe ice cubes

Whether you’re dealing with morning eye puffiness, a breakout, prickly heat or too much sun, reaching for an aloe cube is a great way to achieve relief. Apply it directly to your face or body, or wrap it in a soft light cloth for sensitive skin.

Aloe is hypoallergenic, which means it’s suitable for most skin types, so you can use it pretty much anywhere. Remember, less is more when icing the delicate skin of your face. Never hold the cube too long in one place. Instead, use light circular motions and glide the cube across your face and body until you have the soothing effect your after. Once it melts, let your skin dry.

Apply the rest of your skin products as normal and enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of aloe! Your glowing summer skin will thank you for it.