Get Fit Together! Fun Family Workout Plan for Summer

by | Updated: June 7th, 2017 | Read time: 3 minutes

School’s out, which means the kiddos are home for summer break! There’s no better time than now to engage in activities that will strengthen your family’s bond (and muscles). This fun fitness plan will not only teach your family members the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, but it will help keep each other accountable and motivated to work even harder.

Father Lifting Kettlebells with Young Daughter |

Here are five ideas, including a do-it-yourself boot camp routine, to get started:

1. Families that gym together, stick together

Working out at the gym as a family can be a lot of fun. There’s a variety of machines, classes and trainers to keep everyone interested and looking forward to workouts. Join a local gym or YMCA for a summer membership. Many gyms offer family plans and summer memberships while kids are out of school (another benefit, some gyms may have a pool, basketball court and/or tennis courts).

2. Post-dinner walks

Walking after a meal can help digest food, lower blood sugar levels, stimulate metabolism and contribute to a better night’s sleep. Before dish duty, gather the family for a 20-30 minute walk. Encourage your kids and spouse to leave their smartphones in the house. This allows for more quality times to catch up and be with each other in nature.

3. Walk/Run for a cause

Search for a local 5K race that benefits a charity your family would like to support. Put together a training plan your family can follow leading up to race day. Training together when there is a goal, such as raising money for charity, will help keep everyone encouraged—it also sets a great example for the little ones!

Another option is to register for a “mud run” or Spartan Race. Crawling through mud, climbing obstacles and muscling through monkey bars is practically every kid’s dream. Whether you sign up for a family mud run, or just the parents give it a go, your kiddos will love seeing you get dirty! Prepare everyone for the race by downloading a training program or following the boot camp routine at the end of this article. Make this an annual summer activity!

4. Game night (or day!)

Set aside 1-2 days a week for game play! And I’m not talking Monopoly… Gather the family for some fresh air and old-school outside activities. From tag to hide-and-seek, the list for outdoor activities are endless (and many don’t require any equipment).

If your family is into sports, start a game of volleyball, kickball, Frisbee, tennis, etc. Sunshine and exercise promotes healthy living for everyone—don’t forget water bottles and sunscreen.

5. DIY boot camp

Host your own boot camp training sessions at home, in the park or at the gym.

Equipment isn’t necessary, but feel free to incorporate mats, small dumbbells, kettle bells and jump ropes.

First, set up four stations:

Station 1 – crunches on mat (or grass)
Station 2 – bicep curls with dumbbells (or filled water bottles)
Station 3 – squats with kettlebell (or bodyweight)
Station 4 – jump rope (or jumping jacks or jogging in place)

  1. Start with a 5-minute warmup: jumping jacks, stretching and/or jogging around the yard (or field if you’re at a park).
  2. Assign each family member to a station to perform the respective exercises for 30 seconds. Then switch
  3. Once everyone has been to each station, it’s time for a family sprint. Set an appropriate distance and sprint up and back four times.
  4. Rest and repeat circuit three more times.