Get Fit, Save Money

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Workout clothes, running shoes, a gym membership, training sessions, home equipment, even supplements””fitness expenses can add up! If you’re on a tight budget, spending money on exercise might seem like a luxury. But not having extra funds to funnel into gear and activities doesn’t mean you’re stuck at home doing sit-ups and jumping jacks in the living room. Get a great workout””and save money””with these helpful tips.

Get Fit, Save Money
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Shop around for gym membership. It might be tempting to sign an agreement at the first gym you walk into””but resist the urge. Take some time and do a little research to find out which facilities offer the best deals. You’ll often find this information online, eliminating the need to visit gym after gym to make a decision. After narrowing it down to a few that look good, try negotiating with them! Let them know what other gyms are offering and try to strike a deal.

Share the cost of a personal trainer. Hiring a trainer isn’t cheap. To save money, split the cost with a friend or two. Many trainers offer small-group rates, allowing you the benefits of a personal session without having to pay full price. Plus, training with others is fun! You’ll help keep each other accountable and have fun together. If none of your friends are interested, ask a trainer if he or she knows of a small group you can join.

Enjoy your local park or playground. If you live near a community center, park or playground, take advantage of the facilities or grounds. Walk, run, ride your bike or roller blade on their trails, making pit stops every now and then to do upper body exercises (push-ups, pull-ups, etc.). Some parks will even have stations throughout, making it easy to do a variety of exercises.

Buy pre-owned equipment. If you’re in the market for a new treadmill or elliptical machine, check the classifieds or local yard/garage sales before splurging on a store-bought machine. Many people have the best intentions when purchasing exercise equipment, but they end up using machines only a few times before deciding it’s not for them. Their loss is your gain! You get a nearly new piece of equipment for a fraction of what you’d pay at a sports store.

Never pay retail price! Purchasing fitness supplies, including supplements and snacks, doesn’t have to break your budget. Shop for everything you need, from electrolytes to protein powder to post-workout recovery formulas, at You’ll find all of the biggest brand names at amazingly low prices””and they’ll be shipped to you for free when you spend more than $49.