Gift Ideas for Father’s Day: Top Healthy Picks for Dad

by | Updated: June 15th, 2017 | Read time: 4 minutes

Finding the perfect gift for Dad can be an especially daunting task, especially since Father’s Day falls smack at the beginning of summer, when your family may be heading out on vacation or warming up to a season of day camp. To make shopping easier, we’ve compiled a list of healthy, good-for-him treats that will not only show that special man in your life how much you care but also surprise and delight him (so much that he’ll be confidently cracking Dad jokes all day!).

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Help him put his best face forward

Men have special skincare needs. Not only are their faces exposed to dirt, debris and harsh sun rays, but shaving and beard care can be rough on skin. Give Dad some great cleansing and shaving supplies to help him keep his skin healthy and achieve his best look.

Every Man Jack Pre-Shave Face Scrub is perfect for removing dirt and oil, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. After this prep step, he can lather up with a luxurious shave gel, and get the perfect shave with a razor especially designed for the closest shave ever. Lastly, an herbal aftershave will calm his skin. Throw in a bottle of organic beard oil, too, if Dad proudly sports a beard.

Make him smell great

Scents are often tied to memories. Why not help create new special memories for Dad (and your family!) by gifting him a new natural cologne: Herban Cowboy Cologne in Dusk™. This unique herbal blend combines notes of citrus, lavender and other masculine scents to create the perfect fragrance for just about any guy.

Get to his heart…by way of his stomach

If Dad loves to snack (and what dad doesn’t?), step up his snack game with a fun selection of jerky. This isn’t the plain old beef jerky found on the impulse rack at the corner store. Jerky has come a long way in terms of flavor, texture and ingredients! Add an assortment of these gourmet options to a bucket or basket for an irresistably healthy treat:

Pineapple Orange Beef Jerky

Teriyaki Buffalo Jerky

Beef & Elk Sweet & Spicy Jerky

Buffalo Style Real Chicken Jerky

Mesquite Lime Vegan Jerky

Spice up his life

Whether he’s looking for a way to kick up flavor at his next barbecue or wants to show off to his fire-loving friends how much heat he can really handle, these hot sauces will bring tears to his eyes (perhaps literally!). Arrange an assortment in a wooden crate or rugged-looking basket and let the spicy taste test begin!

Pain Is Good Pepper Sauce

Mr. Spice Organic Salt Free Sauce

Melinda’s Original Habanero Pepper Sauce XXXtra Hot

Yucatan Sunshine Habanero Pepper Sauce

Melinda’s Original Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce

Homesweet Homegrown Vegan Hot Sauce Aramingo (Pineapple Mango)

On-the-go gifts

For dads who are on the road often, a travel mug not only comes in handy, it’s a great way for him to think of you every time he takes a sip. If he’s a frequent flyer, a buckwheat Utopia travel pillow is a thoughtful way for you to help him stay comfy and get rest while taking long flights.

If your summer plans involve a camping trip, consider giving Dad his own eco-friendly bamboo camping set, which includes a reusable plate, bowl, cup and cutlery set in an easy-to-carry mesh pouch. To round out the gift, include s’mores-making supplies and a set of extra-long skewers for ‘round-the-campfire fun!

Get his brew on

Whether he drinks coffee or tea, Dad will appreciate an assortment of his favorite beverages to sip all summer long. For the guy who loves to say “Earl Grey, Hot,” (again, what Dad doesn’t?), give a special travel tea cup and a great sampling of teas to go with it. If coffee is more Dad’s thing, get him an Earth-friendly mug and a few types of coffee to test out. 

Coffee Blocks Better Butter Coffee

Mount Hagen Organic Fair Trade Instant Coffee

Red Ape Cinnamon Organic Coffee

Cafe Altura Organic Dark Roast

The Organic Coffee Co Breakfast Blend

Sporty surprise

For active dads, there’s nothing more helpful than giving him what he needs to stay fueled on his track to fitness. Whether he’s a runner, cyclist, CrossFit fan or just gets to the gym as often as he can, he’ll love this shaker bottle with a blender cap, along with an assortment of protein powders in a variety of flavors, such as coffee, Dutch chocolate, cookies & cream, strawberry or vanilla ice cream.


Looking for a last-minute way to make Dad feel extra special (and extra full)? Wake him up on Father’s Day morning with these Gluten-Free Bacon-Maple Waffles: