Going Gluten Free for Less

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

For some, going gluten free is not an option. For others, it’s a dietary change they chose because it makes them feel better, exercise harder or has improved their life in a number of ways. Unfortunately, gluten-free foodies are often left with bigger grocery bills and smaller selections. After much searching (and lots of shopping!), I finally found the best source for all things GF.

Of course I’m talking about Vitacost.com! Trust me, I’ve shopped the competitors and the prices at Vitacost.com just can’t be beat. And when they have a sale on gluten-free foods…forget it! Plus, they deliver everything straight to my door so I don’t have to fight the crowds or drive to multiple health food stores to get everything I want.

Here’s my most recent gluten-free shopping list:

Buy my whole list:

I want to know: What are your go-to gluten-free foods? I know how hard it is to find GF goodies that truly taste good, so share your faves in the comments and help us all out!