Mini-Meal Advantages
If you love snacking, here’s good news: You can keep at it. Snacking has upsides you’ve probably never thought of. Here’s how to snack more healthfully with our best recipes, top snacking tips and favorite packaged picks for convenient on-the-go munching.

Specialty Diet-Specific Snacks

13 NEW Plant-Based Snacks at Vitacost You Have to Try

Anyone who considers themselves a healthy eater and a busy person knows how essen-tial the right between-meal snacks can be. Whether you’re looking for sweet or salty, these 13 plant-based snack foods got you covered.

Gluten-Free Snacking is Easier Than Ever – Our Top 25 Snack Picks

In recognition of Celiac Awareness Month, we’ve rounded up our top 25 gluten-free foods to enjoy throughout May—and beyond. Whether you’re craving a sweet treat or a savory snack, we’ve got you covered!

25 Best Snacks for Keto Dieters (Plus, a Chocolaty Snack Recipe)

When you’re following a keto diet, snack options can seem slim. If you’re bored with bacon and sick of string cheese, munch on one of these trainer-recommended foods to fuel up and stay full.

Healthy Snacking Tips

Healthy Homemade Snacks E-Book

Free E-Book: Healthy Homemade Snacks

Hungry between meals? You’re not alone! Mid-morning, late afternoon and post-dinner snack-attacks are common. Instead of viewing these ravenous bouts of binging as a lack of willpower, reframe your perspective. Choose to honor your hunger and trust your body’s cues by snacking with purpose. Snacking should be a pleasure for the senses and a benefit to the body. Guilt has no place here! Browse nutrient-dense, crave-worthy snacks in this curated compilation of simple recipes. With these healthy, homemade options, there’s no way you can’t snack happy.

Editor's Picks

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Family-Friendly Fare

10 Afterschool Snack Recipes BOTH Kids & Parents Will Love

After flexing their brain muscles and running around in recess, your children come home from school famished without fail. Satisfy their hunger without spoiling their appetite with these 10 easy-to-make snack ideas.

Dehydrated Fruit & Seed Energy Bars

Free of processed ingredients, this raw vegan energy bar recipe yields nine healthy superfood-packed bars. Enjoy them instantly, or follow the dehydration method for a chewy, crispy texture

7 Brain-Boosting Study Snacks

Adequate sleep is absolutely important for studying, but your brain could also use some good food. These seven simple snack ideas are full of brain-healthy nutrients to keep you sharp and focused!

7 Snack Ideas & Recipes for Family Fun Night

Spending extra time together means getting creative when it comes to family activities, including snacking! We’ve rounded up 7 tasty eats, guaranteed to please even the pickiest family members, to enjoy while you bond.

Oven-Baked Green Juice Pulp Tortilla Chips

Next time you make a green juice, save the pulp to make these delicious, fiber-rich tortilla chips. This easy recipe requires just a few ingredients you probably already have on hand.

7 Great Gluten-Free Snacks for Kids

Whether you’re packing lunch for school or just need ideas for anytime, grab-and-go snacks, here are some hunger-busting, healthy gluten-free options your kids (even the picky eaters!) are guaranteed to love.

7 Genius Strategies for Healthy Holiday Snacking

Whether you’re heading to a haunted Halloween bash, throwing a Thanksgiving feast or visiting family for a winter holiday celebration… this year, keep your weight – and healthy eating habits – in check. Here are seven strategies that will help.