6 Tips for Creating a Wellness Space at Home

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Home life can get hectic sometimes – especially right now, as we’re spending a lot more time indoors with partners, families and pets. Taking some time for self care is important to help us decompress, reset and feel better both physically and mentally. To make the most of the experience, it’s helpful to have a dedicated space in your home where you can retreat for alone time and wellness practices. Here are six tips to help set it up.   

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How to Create a Wellness Space

1. Select a spot

First, think about how you want to use your wellness space. Will you use it for yoga? Meditation? Reading? Or will it just be a cozy destination to sit and unwind? Your intention for the space will help you with the next step, which is to choose your location.

It’s best if this space is away from the kitchen or living room – likely your home’s busiest hubs. Consider a private, shady spot in the backyard. A gazebo or shaded deck surrounded by your landscaped yard is perfect. Besides a break from noise and chaos, spending time in nature benefits health in other ways, including boosting immune health.

2. Clear the space

You’ll have an easier time clearing your mind if your space isn’t filled with clutter. Declutter the area, removing all nonessential items (piles of paper, boxes, items you don’t use, etc.). You don’t want any distractions or reminders of tasks you need to tackle. Also, make this a technology-free zone. Don’t allow laptops, cellphones or TVs in this space.

3. Set it up – and keep it simple

For an ideal resting place, bring in simple, comfortable furnishings such as a cozy couch, chair or cushions to sit on, as well as décor that inspires feelings of peace and well-being. Additionally, you can create a peaceful atmosphere using a diffuser and essential oils, candles or incense. The setting should promote calm for you, so arrange the space in a way that’s pleasing and inviting to your mind and senses.

4. Bring in nature

Nature can have a calming, grounding effect. If your wellness space will be indoors, add touches of greenery with plants. Besides adding a bit of color, houseplants offer health benefits including removing pollution from the air and even improving cognition and memory.

Go small with a simple potted plant on a side table, or go big with a large potted tree in the corner (fiddle leaf fig trees or parlor palms are good choices). You can also choose artwork and accent pieces to reflect a natural setting. Like the furnishings and other décor, keep these simple and serene.

5. Let there be light

Natural light is best for a wellness space, so choose an area with a window, if possible. If that’s not an option, choose lamps or lighting fixtures with soft or adjustable light. Candles are another option for light and ambiance. Arrange small tea light candles throughout the space, or place larger pillar-style candles on a side table, shelf or window sil.

6. Soothe your senses

Enhance your wellness space by making it a soothing sensory experience. Diffuse your favorite essential oils (lavender oil, in particular, has powerful peace-promoting properties). Open a window to allow in fresh air and the sounds of the outdoors (unless there’s a lot of traffic noise.) Or consider relaxing music, a white noise machine or even a small fountain.

You might also explore healthy taste sensations. Sip on beverages such as health-boosting green tea or relaxing chamomile tea. Enjoy a healthy smoothie bowl, or indulge with some dark chocolate.

Whether it’s an entire room or an underutilized corner of your home, a wellness space can be an essential retreat from everyday life. Think of it as taking a mini-vacation – whenever you need it – without leaving home.

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