How to “Jump” Into Bikini Season

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

If you’re too shy to even step foot in a gym, how are you going to strut back-baring dresses, sleeveless tanks and the season’s hottest midriff tops? By taking a “jumping” start at home, that’s how! Working out between your own four walls is a great way to get your rear in gear, so that in a few weeks you can get your rear in a string bikini – and any other sexy summer getup.

Jumping Rope to Jump-Start Weight Loss

Equip yourself

You’ll be amazed what you can get out of a jump rope. I promise you this is not just for the kids on the playground. The best conditioned athletes in the world jump rope, and rightfully so. Jumping rope for only 11 minutes is the cardiovascular equivalent of running 3 miles.

We all know that in order to sculpt lean muscle tone, we need to incorporate resistance training. When you’re skipping the gym to work out in the privacy of home or even in a nearby park, you have to think portable. As a traveling personal trainer and outdoor enthusiast, I love using the Valeo Portable Fitness Kit. It comes complete with a jump rope, two resistance tubes, an ankle strap for leg lifts, a mesh bag to conveniently carry and store everything, plus an exercise chart with suggested strengthening exercises that anyone can do.

Push yourself

A solid bikini-body exercise program might include three days of strength training on alternate days and three cardio sessions of 30 minutes or longer. When you’re first starting out, that’s perfect. But your body will eventually adapt, which is why changing things up is imperative. One thing you can do is weave in a minute of jumping rope between sculpting moves to spike your heart rate and blast that stubborn fat. It’s like a two-for-one!

Support yourself

There will be days you’re too tired to get out of bed. Even the fact that your “gym” is only a few feet away isn’t enough to get you going. When convenience isn’t cutting it, pump yourself up with a pre-workout supplement. If you’re not used to pre-workouts or are sensitive to caffeine, stick to stimulant-free varieties and eat a little something to help signal your body to move. A plain old cup of coffee or tea might do the trick, too.

After your workout, be sure to refuel with the right balance of muscle-building protein, vitamins and minerals. Pure Protein ready-to-drink shakes are my go-to recovery, especially on busy days. Also, drink plenty of water during the rest of your day, stretch and try not to sit still for more than two hours at a time or soreness may set in hard and fast.