Living with Less: 30-Day Minimalism Challenge

Blanche Baxter |

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Minimalism is about embracing simplicity. The path to pairing down is about more than mere stuff. A life led intentionally helps you refocus your commitments, discover what’s essential and align your world to match. Below is a 30-day challenge to start you on your journey.

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How to Live Minimally: 30-Day Minimalism Challenge

As you go through your house and your life, ask yourself, “Does this give me value, have a purpose and bring me joy?” Let everything in your life fill at least one of these three goals, hopefully, all three!

Day 1: Why do you want to simplify your existence? More time, more freedom or space, less searching for things you can’t find? List what’s important. Pin it where you can see it.

Day 2: Decide what you’ll do with the items you remove. Will you sell? Trash or recycle? Donate to a friend or charity?

Day 3: Make four boxes labeled donate, toss, keep, unsure. Use them as you go through the challenge.

Day 4: Open your closet. Sentimental or outdated clothes take up space, so do clothes that don’t fit or don’t match your style. Why are you holding on? Reflect on who you are now. Only keep items that match.

Day 5: Spend 10 minutes doing nothing. Look for other times you can give yourself a mental vacation. Every bit helps.

Day 6: Clutter affects your state of mind raising cortisol levels and making you crave unhealthy foods. Today, clear one surface. Compare it to the rest of your space. How does it feel? Keep it clear for one week.

Day 7: Everything you do takes time, money or energy.

Split a paper into three columns, label them time, money and energy. In each column, write ten ways you spend these things. Remove one item from each list that doesn’t serve.

Day 8: Who supports you and brings you joy–list them! Call one person today. Contact someone each week to reconnect.

Day 9: Turn off your notifications for one day. Resist the urge to check your phone every second. Does it make you uneasy or feel like a relief? Begin to create more space for yourself.

Day 10: Declutter your phone apps. See how many you can remove that you don’t use. If you haven’t used it in a month, let it go.

Day 11: Some beliefs hold you back and remove peace of mind. Do you gossip or complain? Feel undeserving? Be mindful of these habits. When you find yourself doing one, notice and then see what else is possible.

Day 12: Go through your house and gather items with duplicates. Gift the extras to someone else in need.

Day 13: Spend at least 30 minutes deleting and unsubscribing from unwanted emails.

Day 14: Look for old, dented, chipped or unused kitchenware. Remove to make room for functional items.

Day 15: Clear some floor space. Once clear, what do you want to do with it? What else is taking up space that you could put to better use? Explore your home with curiosity.

Day 16: In your work area, go through any outdated paperwork. File it and toss anything not needed.

Day 17: Look for ways to cut down your mail. Switch to paperless billing and automatic payments.

Day 18: Go through your bathroom toiletries and remove any old products, makeup and beauty care items you no longer use.

Day 19: Schedule yourself a day off. Do anything you want!

Day 20: Make a list of your shoulds and have to’s. Are they your priorities or someone else’s? Remove one thing from the list.

Day 21: Go through your home looking for knick-knacks that no longer suit your style. Donate!

Day 22: Clean your junk drawer. Toss anything with no purpose.

Day 23: Look through the bedrooms for old linen, bedding and towels you don’t need. Pass them on to someone else.

Day 24: Remove any unwanted books or CDs. Donate to a library.

Day 25: Life isn’t just about things. Shift the focus to experiences. Make a list of five experiences you want to have. Begin saving or planning now.

Day 26: Where do you spend your money? Write down or use budgeting software to track spending.

Day 27: Don’t shop or spend today. Use what you have. Evaluate your shopping impulses. Compulsive purchases lead to more debt and worry. Break the cycle.

Day 28: What do you love to do? Find time to do more of this today.

Day 29: Think about what’s important. Go through your house and spot anything that doesn’t match. Release it.

Day 30: Every time you purchase an item, remove one. This way, you won’t quickly refill your place with unneeded things. Keep the process going, day by day, to create your intentional life!