How to Stick with Your Diet Despite Setbacks

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

It seems that life often gets in the way of eating when you’re trying to follow a healthy eating plan. Whether you’re dining out, attending a special event or simply don’t have time to prepare and eat a nutritious meal, it’s easy to slip up and experience setbacks.

Overcoming Diet Struggles
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Here are some common make-or-break moments along with realistic solutions to make sure they don’t get in the way of your weight-loss goals:

Ooops, I Missed Breakfast
It’s the most important meal of the day””everyone knows that. But do you know why? Breakfast is the meal that refuels your body after a night’s rest and provides a metabolism boost first thing in the morning. Skipping it means you’re missing out on the chance to jump-start your day, and it also results in hunger build up throughout the day””which can lead to overindulging at lunch or later. The solution? Always plan your breakfast the night before. If for some reason you can’t plan ahead, make breakfast simple: toss some fresh fruit, yogurt and ice in the blender for a nutritious, take-along shake.

Surprise! We’re Going to Lunch
So it’s your coworker’s birthday? Those last-minute lunch plans often spell tragedy for dieters. You most likely won’t decide which restaurant will be selected, and chances are the guest of honor will pick a place with tempting, calorie-loaded meals. But remember: healthier options are always available. Sometimes you just have to be creative. Many restaurants will accommodate requests for items that aren’t on the menu””don’t be afraid to ask. Steer clear of high-fat, high-calorie dishes. Choose open-faced sandwiches, or order a salad with chicken (hold the cheese and order your dressing on the side!).

Goodbye Work, Hello Couch!
After toiling away at work all day, lounging on the couch watching TV sounds much better than anything that involves”¦moving. You can easily talk yourself into it, promising you’ll be more active tomorrow. But instead, make exercise a priority. In order to motivate yourself””have a plan in place. Schedule your exercise, just like you would a doctor’s appointment. Stop at the gym before heading home. It’s easier to get it done if you don’t have to get up and go back out after settling down on that comfy couch.

Identifying potential obstacles ahead of time is an ideal way to avoid weight-loss catastrophes. If you want to reach your goals, make a point of planning ahead. Stay on top of things””don’t let yourself miss a meal or a workout, and the results you start to see will help you stay on track!