Creative Ways to Use Essential Oils in Your Fitness Routine

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Just when you thought you’d heard of all possible uses for essential oils – stress relief, sleep aid, household cleaning – here’s a guide to using them to enhance your fitness routine. Yes! Just like foods and supplements, essential oils and their natural aromatic compounds can help support your workouts. From revving you up to supporting a smooth recovery, here are some of the best ways to incorporate aromatherapy into your exercise regimen.

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Fitness & Essential Oils 101

For pre-workout support, essential oils are great for motivation, energy, endurance and focus.  After a workout, you can use them to soothe sore muscles, lower heart rate and ease any other aches that you may have. Read on to find out which oils are best to use and how to use them.

Pre-workout essential oil uses


Citrus essential oils such as lemon can help keep you hydrated during a cardio sweat session. Citrus is also thought to support an overworked immune system. Simply add two drops of lemon oil to a bottle of water and drink 30 minutes before a workout (Note: Use only food-grade essential oils designated safe for consumption.) An added bonus: the bright lemon scent and flavor makes water a pleasure to drink. The refreshing flavor will keep you sipping for proper hydration!


Lemongrass essential oil helps clear the mind for mediation, promotes feeling centered, helps with focus and boosts energy – all benefits that are perfect for yoga class. Whether you need morning boost or help getting rid of afternoon brain fog before heading into the studio, lemongrass will do the trick. Lemongrass also is thought to have thermogenic – or heat-producing – effects, making it ideal for hot yoga session. Just dab a few drops (diluted with a carrier oil) on your wrists and rub in before class.

Strength training

If weight lifting is on the agenda, try peppermint oil. Peppermint essential oil helps to open your lungs, allowing you to take in deeper breaths, while also increasing circulation so blood can get to tired muscles during a workout. Peppermint can also increase energy and feelings of motivation, both before and after a workout. Massage a few drops onto your wrists before a workout. If you feel yourself burning out mid-session, just inhale the scent from your wrists for a boost.

Post workout essential oil uses

Marjoram essential oil is one of the best oils for recovery after a workout. It’s known for its soothing and warming effects and can provide pain relief to tired, overworked muscles. After a tough workout, apply a few drops to achy joints or sore muscles and gently massage in.

Using eucalyptus essential oil for a post-workout massage is fantastic for fatigued muscles and can help soothe inflammation. Remember, when we exercise, muscles are strained and suffer micro tears. Eucalyptus oil can help ease these strains and reduce inflammation. Post workout, massage eucalyptus oil into any overworked muscles to reduce lactic acid buildup and loosen  your muscles.

DIY Essential Oil Spritzers to Support Your Fitness Routine

Pre-workout Energizing Spritz

What you’ll need:

90 drops peppermint essential oil
10 drops wintergreen essential oil
Witch hazel or distilled water

What to do:

In 4-ounce spray bottle, combine essential oils. Fill remainder of bottle with witch hazel or distilled water. Shake well before using. Spritz as needed before and during workouts.

Post-workout Refresher Spritz

What you’ll need:

7 drops each essential oil: lime, lavender, bergamot
3 drops peppermint oil
1 oz. distilled water

What to do:

In spray bottle, combine all ingredients. Shake well before using. 

Post-workout Muscle-Soothing Soak

What you’ll need:

5 drops lavender oil
3 drops marjoram oil
1 cup of Epsom salt

What to do:

Add all ingredients to a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes before going to bed.