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This quiz consists of six fun multiple-choice questions about immune health. Choose the best answer for each question and check your answers as you go. Stuck? Head back to Immuniversity to find hints to help you pass the quiz and products to support your immune health journey!

#1. What’s your body’s first line of defense against invading diseases?

Oops! Great guess, but your skin protects your body from illness by preventing pathogens like bacteria and viruses from getting inside. It gets some extra help from the mucous membranes lining other areas of your body, including your nasal passages and gut.

#2. Which of the following is not a type of white blood cell?

Oops! Great guess, but erythrocytes are red blood cells, which transport oxygen and carbon dioxide around the body. White blood cells — including macrophages, neutrophils and mast cells — fight infection by ingesting invading pathogens.

#3. Which nutrients can help support and strengthen your immune system?

Oops! Great guess, but zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D are all important for immunity. Zinc is essential for healthy white blood cell production and functioning. Vitamin C promotes healthy skin and enhances white blood cell activity, and vitamin D both supports and modulates immune responses.

#4. What is the main function of antibodies?

Oops! Great guess, but antibodies are special proteins that mark pathogens for destruction. Each antibody binds to the surface of a specific type of pathogen, acting as a marker to tell the immune system an invader is present.

#5. What is the main role of the spleen in immunity?

Oops! Great guess, but the spleen acts as a filter for your blood. When blood passes through, immune cells in the spleen destroy and clear out bacteria, viruses and other infectious microbes.

#6. When your immune system attacks healthy body tissues instead of pathogens, it’s called?

Oops! Great guess, but an autoimmune response happens when your immune system mistakenly goes after healthy tissues. This may happen due to similarities between proteins in your body and something you’re allergic to or because some immune cells weren’t properly “trained” as they matured.

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