Makeup Trend: How to Winterize Your Eyes

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Everything about winter is fierce, from the frigid, whipping wind to the frenzied holiday shoppers shoving their way through crowds in search of the perfect gift. Not surprising that the look of the season follows suit””with bold colors blasting away the boring browns and burnt umbers of autumn and striking, shimmery accents signaling true style in the sea of black coats and boots.

Whether you’re bundled for blustery weather or dressed to the nines for the next soiree, the focus of winter makeup belongs on your eyes. Now is the time to go dark, daring and dramatic, with smoky or metallic shadows and colored eyeliner in hues such as navy, gray or black.

Besides taking the practice-makes-perfect approach (what better way to spend a homebound snowy day?), having the right makeup can make all the difference in the effect you create. Remember, you’re going for bold, not shocking.

Here are some supplies to help you winterize your eyes:

Everybody, line up!
Save the barely-there look for summer. This season, go graphic with eyeliner””sweeping out to the sides for a sexy cat or whimsical winged look. Applying smooth, wide lines is easy with a vegetable-wax-based liner such as the Soft Eyeliner Pencil from Ecco Bella. Vegan and preservative free, this gentle pencil transfers color evenly and effortlessly, no pulling or tugging required.

For detailed fine lines (and those that venture away from your lids), liquid eyeliner lets you draw on the look you want and keeps it in place longer than pencil painting. Nervous? Don’t be. Use short, quick, feathery strokes rather than shakily attempting to drag the pen across in a single swipe. Lavera Liquid Eyeliner has a soft tip that tapers slightly so you can easily adjust thickness. It’s paraben free, lead free and won’t irritate your eyes””which matters when you’re batting back tears from the cold.

Me and my shadow
Whether glittery, shimmery or shiny or matte, eyeshadow instantly transforms ordinary lids into mini masterpieces on a made-up face. Warm up your winter look with dazzling shades of bronze, copper or gold, or become the Ice Queen with cool colors such as silver, frosty baby blue and grey. Try layering shades, using a darker base front and center for depth and drama with a lighter, shimmery color in the inner corners to brighten your eyes.

Lash out
Now for the icing on the cake. After your liner and shadows are set, swoop through lashes with an extra-thick, lengthening and volumizing mascara such as Larenim Mineralash in Jet Black. It’s clump- and flake-resistant and enriched with natural jojoba oil for slick, sleek and strengthening effects. For the fullest, lushest lashes possible, be sure to follow the two-coat rule, applying your second layer before the first fully dries.

The weather outside might be frightful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look delightful. Go bold and get noticed with expressive, exciting eyes this winter.