May 18: What’s Hot (and Not) in Health Today

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

What’s hot (and not) in health today? Let’s explore the latest health trends and info.


Spices. OK, so this one is literally hot. But did you know that spices aren’t just a fabulous way to flavor your favorite dishes – they may also help support healthy metabolism? Consider adding chili powder, turmeric or mustard seed to your diet.

EGCG. Sounds like a medical procedure, doesn’t it? But you’re probably already familiar with this compound – it’s a major component of green tea! Much like the spices mentioned above, the recent buzz surrounding EGCG is due to its possible positive effect on metabolism. Aside from drinking green tea, you can also consume EGCG in the form of green tea extract.

Pycnogenol ®. This substance is actually derived from pine bark, which makes it even more surprising that the sudden popularity of pycnogenol has to do with beautiful skin! It’s been suggested that this extract may function as an antioxidant to help protect the skin from unsightly spots due to aging and sun exposure.



Poisoned poultry. Apparently, chickens are given roxarsone, an arsenic drug, to help them grow bigger. Recent research has discovered that this can cause an accumulation of organic arsenic on chicken feathers – the same feathers that are processed into feather-meal, a food additive. No thanks!