Mom-fession: Drinking in the Dark

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Mommy guilt. It’s hard to avoid this feeling – because, well, you love your child – but sometimes you just need a break. And a glass of wine.

Give me the sweet stuff, Mom!

As a single mom, sometimes people say to me  “You must be tired!” And despite the fact that I was raised to be polite and respectful, my mind can’t help but go to a place that says  “Seriously? The function I typically operate on is more like ‘completely exhausted’ – but I have no other choice.”

Despite the trials and tribulations of motherhood, I thought before I went back to work that I was going to sob into a severely damp tissue every morning after having to leave my child behind. Don’t get me wrong – I do miss my son, but sometimes I find solace in walking out of the door at daycare knowing that someone else has to do  everything  for a few hours – especially dealing with his occasional meltdowns.

Case in point: my son has been eating a solid meal each night for 3 months now. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware you should start on vegetables first and then move to fruit, so he’s completely hooked on the sweet stuff. I decided I would take a stand and try to get him to eat the veggies. (Though I’m still debating whether or not my sanity is worth that decision.)

My baby – my adorable, sweet little child — proceeded to throw things at me, spit his food out, scream, cry and pretend to choke. In my ‘completely exhausted’ state, I sat through it all and allowed him to have his fit before calmly telling him to stop. I proceeded to feed him the rest of the food and put him to bed.

I felt defeated.  When I poured my glass of wine — no, I wasn’t kidding about that — I climbed in bed, gulped it down (in the dark), and passed out immediately after.

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