30-Minute Mommy-and-Me Circuit Workout

by | Updated: May 10th, 2017 | Read time: 3 minutes

If you’re a mother of an infant(s), kudos to you for even reading this right now. Chances are, you’re living in a state of permanent exhaustion. But in the midst of it all, you’re excited—and why wouldn’t you be? You just brought life into this beautiful world! And while you’ve spent your recent days and nights tending to your sweet baby, it’s important to remember to do something for yourself.

Whether your goal is to get back into your pre-baby shape or you’re just looking for a little movement, this 30-minute full-body workout is all you need to achieve extra tone and a boost of endorphins. For this workout, you only need one piece of equipment… and it’s the cutest one on the market! Bond with baby as you (gently) muscle through this fun mommy-and-me routine.

Mother Exercise With Baby At Home | Vitacost.com/Blog

Perform three sets; 10 reps each exercise

Pushup kisses

On a yoga mat, lay baby underneath you and come to pushup position. Lower until you’re close enough to give your baby a kiss and then push back up to complete one rep.

Baby shoulder raises

Hold baby under bottom and upper back. Begin with baby positioned in front of your chest, and slowly raise him or her straight up above your head and back down to your chest to complete one rep.

Tickle forearm plank

On a mat, lay baby underneath you and come to forearm plank position, Your core is tight, quads are engaged and back is flat from neck to heels—don’t let your hips sag or rise up. Lift your right hand and reach over to baby’s left side for a little tickle before returning to start. Repeat on the other side to complete one rep.

Baby wide squat + front raise

With feet wider than shoulder-width and toes pointed out, come to wide-legged squat. Hold baby with hands positioned under armpits. While holding baby, extend arms out in front and squat down, making sure that feet are wide enough that knees bend out to either side. When you rise to start, lift baby into the air, keeping arms straight and elbows locked. Return to start once again to complete one rep.

Mini-me core twists (Russian twists)

While sitting, hold baby under bottom and upper back. Lean back onto your tailbone to get into boat pose with legs bent. With core engaged, twist from left to right holding baby. Return to center to complete one rep. If you’ve done Russian twists, this exercise swaps the medicine ball for your giggling new baby.

Loving lunges (walking)

Hold baby in whatever way is most comfortable and lunge forward with your right foot, ensuring that your knee doesn’t go further than your toes and your back leg is at a 90-degree angle. Left your left foot to lunge again, completing one rep. Note: You can put your baby in a carrier on your chest for this one.

Good morning, sunshine

Stand with feet hip-width apart and baby cuddled in your arms, close to your chest. Lean forward, hinging at the hips and keeping your back flat. Tip: to keep your back flat, look in front of you, don’t look down as you bend—this helps to reduce rounding in your low back. Brace your core to return to start and complete one rep. Note: You can put your baby in a carrier on your chest for this one.

Baby bicep curls

Hold baby under bottom and upper back, keeping elbows glued to your sides, and raise him or her to your chest. Don’t let your elbows swing at all; this takes the contraction out of your bicep muscle. Return to start to complete one rep.