5 Simple Ways to Replace Single-Use Plastic Bags

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Disposable plastic bags may seem convenient, but they aren’t very convenient for our planet. We have all heard about how single-use plastic bags pollute our oceans, endanger marine life and linger in landfills for thousands of years prior to degrading. But did you know that, according to the nonprofit organization Recycle Rebuild, nearly 2 million of them are distributed throughout the world every minute?

Wondering what you can do to reduce your plastic consumption (and its traumatic toll on Mother Earth)? Saying no way to single-use plastic baggies is a great place to start!

Overhead View of Round Reusable Metal Containers Replacing Single-Use Plastics Filled With Assorted Snacks on White Table | Vitacost.com/blog


If you’re ready to green your routine, check out these smart—and sustainable—alternatives to disposable plastic bags. In addition to helping save the planet, they may even save you money over time!

1. For fruits and veggies

Preserve Small Round Apple Green Food Storage Container | Vitacost.com/Blog    

The 19-ounce Preserve Round Small Apple Green Food Storage Container is the perfect storage solution for berries, carrots, cucumbers, melon, pineapple, peppers, tomatoes and more. “Made from 100% recycled plastics,” it’s BPA free, dishwasher-safe and designed to “stand up to everyday use.” Plus, it has an innovative lid that screws on tightly to keep fruit, vegetables and other foods fresh, and your produce won’t accidentally get squished—an all-too common occurrence when using plastic baggies!

2. For other snacks

Ditch the plastic baggies and stash snacks in Bumkins Reusable Snack Bags instead! This stylish set of reusable, machine-washable baggies is made of stain-resistant, waterproof fabric that’s safety tested and food safe. Each lightweight, eco-friendly bag sports an eye-catching pattern and a convenient zipper closure. Perfectly sized to accommodate chips, crackers and all your favorite sweet and savory snack foods!

3. For sandwiches

Lunchskins Recyclable + Sealable Paper Sandwich Bags | Vitacost.com/blog






Free of plastic and toxins, Lunchskins Recyclable + Sealable Paper Sandwich Bags are “a disposable sandwich bag you can feel good about!” Each durable, grease-resistant, 100% compostable paper bag includes a self-adhesive strip so you can lock in the freshness. And the box, which includes 50 generous bags (that’s a whole lot of sammies!) is designed to rest comfortably inside your kitchen drawer.

4. For lunches

Enjoy a litter-free lunch™ with the New Wave Enviro Litter Free Lunch Bag! This smart satchel was designed to help “eliminate the 3.5 billion pounds of lunchbox garbage generated every year.” That means parting ways with single-use plastic sandwich bags, as well as aluminum foil, juice boxes and other forms of unnecessary waste! The insulated lunch bag is lead-free and the reusable, dishwasher- and microwave-safe bottle and modular containers contain no BPA.

Love Bags Love Sack Reusable Grocery Bag | Vitacost.com/blog











5. For groceries

Increasing awareness of the plastic problem has retail stores across the country encouraging shoppers to bring reusable bags. You can do your part to help eliminate plastic waste by bringing your own bags (BYOB!), like the Love Bags Love Sack Reusable Grocery Bag, when food shopping. Designed to hold up to 60 pounds, the “durable polyester fabric is lined with an environmentally friendly PEVA coating and all materials are lab tested for consumer safety.” The bags, which boast a playful puppy pattern, even stand up on their own, making loading, unloading and transport a breeze. Machine washable!