Spring Into Fitness!

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

As we celebrate  the coming of a new season, we relish the thought of snow melting into greener grass and the weather warming up to the perfect temperatures. With these wonderful changes also comes a chance to rejuvenate; start anew. So whether you kept to your New Year’s resolutions or derailed in week two, my “Spring Into Fitness Guide” will help you start this next cycle on the right foot — and with a little more “spring” in your step this time.

It only takes a little prep to get a lot of pep in your step. To get the pep in your step and get you on the road to success, invest a few minutes of prep time to:

–  Pack your gym bag and leaving it in the car. With clothes and accessories on hand, it’s even easier to hit the gym right after work — or whenever you have spare time to kill.

–  Purchase a new exercise DVD, so you can knock out a quick 30-minute workout in the morning, on your lunch break or while you’re waiting for dinner to cook. If you already have a favorite DVD set, consider refreshing your library (JNL Fusion, anyone?). Remember, variety is key to weight-loss success.

–  Stock up on your favorite supplements, low-calorie snacks and high-protein nutritional bars and shakes. Having these go-to foods and supplements on hand takes the stress out of nutritional planning. Put these essentials on Set & Save with Vitacost, and you’ll never have to think twice — they’ll be shipped right to your door however often you choose so that you never run out!

Spending 10 minutes to get these planning items done and out of the way will pay off in the long run. Who knows? Maybe after this spring you’ll be fit and ready for a long run. (Set the bar high!)