Mixing Drinks for a Crowd? Level Up Your Party Punches With These 8 Tips

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by | Updated: July 29th, 2022 | Read time: 4 minutes

Whether you’re hosting a summer party or having a few friends over for dinner, it’s always fun to make drinks for everyone to enjoy together! Here are 8 tips for making party punches, refreshing cocktails and other mixed drinks for a crowd.

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Mixing the Best Summer Party Drinks for Adults

1. Have a variety of options available

Mixing drinks can be a fun bonding activity with friends, and it’s even better when you have a variety of options to make different concoctions! Vitacost has plenty of fruit juices, seltzers and mixers available for you to experiment with. This RSVP Skinnies Mixers Variety Pack contains sugar-free, all natural mixers used to make cranberry twists, Baja margaritas, Moscow mules and mojitos.

2. Research a few recipes

If you’re new to drink mixing, it might be daunting trying to pick and choose which seltzers and juices to combine; there are so many options and it’s tempting to try them all! To save time, you can research a few mocktail recipes to find ideas and combinations that people recommend. If you’re the adventurous type or an experienced drink connoisseur, take ideas from these recipes and make your own concoctions.

3. Consider healthy alternatives

Party punches often taste good at the expense of your health and contain unhealthy amounts of sugar, but there are tasty alternatives. Use organic seltzer water and all-natural juices to ensure you’re getting some nutrition from your party punches. Another easy way to make drinks healthier is by eliminating alcohol altogether. Mocktail, anyone?

4. Be safe!

Make sure you have a healthy balance of liquor and your choice of mixer if you decide to add alcohol to your drinks. The general rule of thumb is that there should be a 3-to-1 ratio of mixer to alcohol, meaning 3 oz. of mixer for every 1 oz. of alcohol. It’s better to add more juice or seltzer than alcohol if you’d like to be on the safe side. Tailor the ratio to your liking.

5. Add fun garnishes

Adding garnishes is a great way to make your drinks more exciting! You can add mini umbrellas or glow cubes if you’d like the garnishes to be purely decorative, or you can also add sliced or cubed fruit if you’d like the garnishes to be edible and fun. Consider adding sliced lemon or lime or cubed watermelon or pineapple to your party punches. You can get really creative with the garnishes and personalize each drink according to your guests’ tastes and preferences.

6. Be creative with how you serve the drinks

The presentation of the drinks is almost as important as how they taste, and who said the two have to be separate? Consider serving your drinks in a carved-out pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe or coconut shell. Not only will these fruit shells add a bit of flair, but they’ll also add natural sweetness to your drinks. If you don’t have the time or space to serve your drinks this way, these durable glasses are great options for something simple and classy. You can easily add one of the aforementioned garnishes to these glasses to express your creativity with the drink’s presentation.

7. Have large capacity pitchers on hand

If you plan to offer different drink options, consider having several large capacity pitchers on hand that your guests can easily pour from. These 70 oz. pitchers are clear, break-resistant, and can easily be labeled with the name of the drink it contains.

8. Make your drinks mobile

If you’re hosting an event offsite and need to transport your drinks, you can do so using this 64 oz. vacuum-insulated bottle. The vacuum-insulation will ensure that the drink stays cold on the way there, and it maintains carbonation as well. If you prefer to have several smaller containers to carry the liquids separately and mix the drinks when you arrive, you can use these 18 oz. vacuum-insulated bottles instead.

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