Sweat Together, Stay Together

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Couples can get so busy with work and family that sometimes it’s hard to find even an hour to do something together that you both enjoy. When our schedules permit, my husband and I always train together. I don’t let the fact that he can lift heavier weights bother me. In fact, he serves as a great source of motivation, helping me to push harder and try new exercises.

Working out together can be a lot of fun. Women, if your husband is into weight training, but it’s not really your thing, give it a try anyway.  Often, women feel uncomfortable in the weight area of the gym, but having your man teach you how to use the equipment and learn new exercises can help build your confidence. Then the next time you’re in the gym by yourself, you’ll be less hesitant to head to that section on your own.

It’s also great when it’s your husband’s turn to try something you like. You may not get him into a body-shaping class, but he may be open to trying a spin class or even yoga, if it’s something you like. He may really enjoy doing something different than his normal cardio routine, or stretching his muscles after lifting weights.

The weather is beautiful this time of year, so taking your cardio routine outside together is also a nice change of pace. Enjoy a nice, long walk, or bike ride and stop for a cold drink and some relaxation time.

Having something like exercise and health in common will help bring you closer together!

Southern States Championships top contender Melissa Transou, a figure competitor, wife and mother, blogs about the unique sports  nutrition  needs of female athletes exclusively for Vitacost.com.