Sweet Cream Cornmeal Protein Pancakes

Nicolette Stramara

by | Updated: December 2nd, 2016

My mom always told me to make the best cornbread, you need buttermilk. After growing up eating her true-to-southern recipe nearly every week, I can attest to my mom’s cornbread credo. Somehow, I never grew tired of that delicious cake-like chili sidekick. In fact, I’ve decided it’s time to reintroduce cornmeal and buttermilk in my life. This time, they’ll be made into fluffy flapjacks and enhanced with a sweet vanilla protein powder, a fresh-and-fruity compote and a sprinkling of cinnamon-doused oat clusters. 

They’re light enough to enjoy after a workout and swoon-worthy enough to serve the kiddos on a lazy Sunday morning. I warn you, though, this might become a weekly must-have with little ones in the house.

Cornmeal Pancakes with Berry Compote

Sweet Cream Cornmeal Protein Pancakes with KIND Oat Clusters & Fresh Fruit Compote


1/3 cup whole wheat pastry flour
¼ cup sweet cream buttermilk powder
3 Tbsp stone ground cornmeal
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
6 Tbsp. unsweetened almond milk
2 egg whites
¼ tsp. baking powder
¼ tsp. ground cinnamon


  1. In a large bowl, whisk together all ingredients until batter is well combined and lump free.
  2. Heat a pancake griddle or flat pan over a stop top on low to medium-low heat. Spoon about 2 tablespoons of batter onto pan and cook 2-4 minutes on each side. Repeat until you run out of batter, about 8 pancakes in all.
  3. Mash raspberries, blueberries or strawberries and spread the fruit on cooked pancakes, repeating to create layers (because it looks pretty). Top with KIND Cinnamon Oat Clusters and your favorite cinnamon nut butter. For more of a syrupy consistency, melt the nut butter for a few seconds in the microwave and drizzle over your stack of pancakes. YUM!