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A Brown Bowl is Filled With Creamy Green Goddess Dip and Surrounded by Curly Parsley and Lemon Wedges. May 3rd, 2024

Green Goddess Dip

Fresh, zesty and bursting with vibrant flavor – Green Goddess dip is here to liven up any party! This easy recipe whips up in minutes, combining creamy avocado with a symphony of herbs for a healthy and delicious dip.

Creamy Green Dressing in Jar | Vitacost Blog September 16th, 2019

Green Goddess Dressing

When you blend together everyone’s favorite green fruit, protein-rich Greek yogurt and some fresh herbs and spices, you get an avocado-based salad dressing that’s fit for a (green) goddess.

December 3rd, 2016

The Secret to a Perfect Salad

After so much washing, chopping and tossing, it’s a shame when a salad turns out soggy. Don’t let your efforts go to waste””follow this advice to keep even the most delicate greens and leaves crisp and delicious.