The Hottest New “Green” Drink: Aloe Vera Juice?

by | Updated: September 25th, 2020 | Read time: 2 minutes

Every so often a new, somewhat unusual, typically obscure food comes on to the health scene and explodes in popularity. In the past decade there has been an exponential rise in popularity in foods like chia seeds, avocado, kale and, of course, coconut oil. While all of these foods have indisputable health and nutritional benefits, none have been without inflated claims and grandiose assertions. The latest of these foods to hit the scene is aloe vera juice.

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Is it safe to drink aloe vera juice?

Made from the same gel found in the leaves of the succulent plant, which people have been using for generations to soothe minor skin injuries and irritations, aloe vera juice is its own food grade product made specifically to be safe for consumption. Mild in flavor, sometimes with a pulpy texture, aloe vera juice is growing in popularity and prevalence.

Though the science on the health benefits of aloe vera juice is currently a bit shaky, its increasing presence in health and nutrition circles certainly gives cause for consideration. There are many people who sing the praises and benefits of drinking aloe vera juice regularly. We are seeing more aloe vera based juices on the market, from unflavored aloe vera juice in its natural state to sweet and tasty mixtures. It is easier than ever to incorporate aloe vera juice into your diet in a variety of delicious ways.

How to enjoy an aloe drink

For those who are new to aloe vera juice, the easiest and tastiest way to introduce yourself to the unusually flavored supplement is to try a variety of the ready-to-drink juice mixtures. You may find the best aloe vera juice for your taste is mixed with apple, pear, cherry or even watermelon juice. If you are an experienced aloe vera drinker or have an adventurous palate, there are unflavored juices both in ready-to-drink bottles and in concentrate.

Aloe vera juice concentrate is great for making your own juice mixtures, adding to smoothies or even mixing with water in a reusable water bottle as part of your daily hydration routine. Many avid aloe vera juice users also have found interesting ways to incorporate the juice in their lives in other health and eco-conscious ways including as a skin toner and in making their own baby wipes.

Don’t mistake gel for juice

It is very important to remember that there is a distinct difference between aloe vera gel, used for topical treatments, and aloe vera juice, which is safe for ingesting. As with every supplement, always consult your doctor before adding any supplement to your diet, as it may react with different medications you are taking.

Whether it is a fad or a new foodie find, aloe vera juice has a stronghold on the health and nutrition market right now. Enjoy the adventure that comes with learning about a new supplement and finding delicious and unique ways to make it part of your personalized approach to healthy living.