The No-Excuses, Take-Anywhere Resistance Band Workout

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Sticking with a workout routine while traveling can be tricky, even if your hotel has a gym or your destination is outdoor-exercise friendly. You may not have time to hit the facilities, or the weather may keep you cooped up in your room. A few days off isn’t going to hurt, but you don’t have to let location keep you from staying active while on the road. Pack some resistance bands in your bag and use this head-to-toe workout to stay fit and toned wherever you go.

Resistance Band Workout

What you’ll need:
I like the Valeo Medium Resistance Tube, which is lightweight, with cushioned foam handles that fit easily over my feet for leg exercises.

The workout plan:
Complete 3 to 4 sets, and 12 repetitions, for each exercise.

Place your feet shoulder-width apart on top of the center of the band, and hold the handles with an overhand grip at shoulder height. Squat to a seated position. Return to standing position, pushing through your heels.

Squats & shoulder press
Begin with same starting position as above (squats), and squat to a seated position. Explode upwards and press the handles overhead, hold for 1 second, then lower the handles, squat and repeat. This should be a fluid, continuous motion.

Glute kickbacks
On your hands and knees, hold handles under your chest, then loop the band around the arch of your right foot. With your core tight and back flat, powerfully kick your right leg out as far as possible. Slowly return back to starting position. Switch sides after completing set with right leg.

Upright row
With your feet placed on top of a band, hold handles over your thighs. Keeping your core tight and shoulders back, pull the handles up to neck height (elbows should be higher than your hands). Hold for a second and lower slowly.

Side lateral raises
With your feet on top of a band, hold handles at your sides. Keeping a slight bend in your elbow, raise arms laterally to shoulder height. Hold for a second and lower slowly.

Seated rows
Sitting on the floor with legs and feet together, place band around both feet. With your back straight, pull handles to the sides of your torso, contracting as you pull back. Release forward, then repeat.

Bent over rows
Standing on top of the band and holding handles, bend over about 45 degrees. With your back flat, pull handles back to your torso with a rowing motion, squeezing and contracting while pulling. Release and repeat.

Bicep curls
Standing on the band, hold handles with an underhand grip. Keeping elbows at your side, curl the band up, squeeze, then slowly lower to beginning position.

Tricep curls
Standing on top of the band and holding handles, bend over about 45 degrees. Position arms at your side with elbows up. Press handles back, then slowly bend elbows, returning to starting position.