Top 5 Recipes for a Healthier Halloween

by | Updated: October 10th, 2017

Candy tends to take center stage this time of year. Whether your vice is sweet, sour, chewy or chocolaty, limiting your intake is easier said than done (especially when everything comes in bite-sized portions!). If you don’t possess the willpower to keep out of the candy bag before the trick-or-treaters arrive, try one of these better-for-you festive alternatives. And if you dare, share! These healthy Halloween treats are perfect for potlucks, food crafts with the kids and more!

nut butter and yogurt-covered berries sandwiched between two apple slices |

1. Spooky-Cute Monster Teeth

A spooky spin on a popular snack, this recipe combines apple and nut butter with Greek yogurt covered goji berries to replicate a monster’s mouth. For a vegan-friendly option, use Elyon mini marshmallows and halved almonds for vampire teeth! For those with nut allergies, opt for a no-nut butter like Sneaky Chef’s creamy yellow pea spread. Your kids will absolutely love assembling these monster chompers!

Orange bell pepper carved like a jack-o'-lantern stuffed with guacamole |

2. Jack-o’-Lanterns with Superfood Guacamole

Oozing with green guacamole guts, these adorable orange bell peppers mock the decorative pumpkins sitting on your porch. But what’s better about these grinning faces is that you can devour them in their entirety! Make this recipe before trick-or-treating with the kiddos to ensure their bellies are filled with nutritious foods and to (hopefully) prevent overindulging on candy later.

bananas and clementines made to look like pumpkins and ghosts |

3. BOO! Bananas

These ghostly bananas are perfect for serving at a Halloween party. Not only is this recipe extremely simple make (a great last-minute option!), but it’s extremely versatile. Just peel a banana, slice it in half, roll in unsweetened shredded coconut and make a face using dairy-free chocolate chips, raisins, or even dried cranberries for scary, beady-eyed ghosts! Arrange on a platter with raw broccoli or peeled clementines for a mysterious “ghosts in the garden” scene.

Fake, edible blood made from cherries on vanilla cake |

4. “Bloody” Desserts

It wouldn’t be Halloween without edible gory creations. Unfortunately, typical recipes for edible “blood” call for corn syrup, corn starch and artificial food coloring—not really ideal for those concerned with health. But there’s no need to miss out on the fun! Instead, make fresh cherry-red blood by blending a half cup pitted cherries, a handful Medjool dates and enough raw coconut nectar to meet the bloody consistency you desire. Drizzle on top of vanilla-frosted cake, cupcakes and cookies.

Chia seed chocolate dirt cup with non-GMO gummy worms |

5. Chocolate Chia Seed Dirt Cup

This dessert cup is laden with creepy-crawly worms and crumbly “dirt”. You can get really creative by adding your favorite mix-ins or even by topping it off with a ghost banana! Made with natural ingredients such as chia seeds and cacao powder, there is no cooking required for this fun food craft. After refrigerating the pudding overnight, prep the dirt by crushing up chocolate sandwich cookies and place organic, non-GMO sour worms on top!