Kid-Approved Chocolate Smoothie Bowl (Vegan)


Fool your little one into thinking they’re eating dessert with this chocolaty, yet oh-so-healthy, smoothie bowl. While ripe bananas, dates and cherries are super sweet and extremely nutritious, it’s the raw cacao powder that really makes this bowl taste indulgent.

Adding cacao is the perfect way to sneak in some extra nutrition. The color masks the visually unappealing ingredients, like greens, and makes everything taste like, well, chocolate!

This recipe calls for protein-rich almond butter and coconut water instead of packaged non-dairy milk, which often contains carrageenan (a thickening agent). But if you are looking for a thicker consistency, tossing in some flax seeds will do the trick (with the added benefit of lignans and omega-3s).

Swap the straw for a spoon and pour this smoothie into a bowl. Top it with your kiddo’s favorite smoothie add-ins and your little one is sure to enjoy this simply delicious, nutritious, easy-to-make meal.

Homemade Raw Vegan Chocolate Smoothie Bowl for Kids |


2 medium, very ripe bananas
2 cups spinach 
2 cups frozen cherries
1/4 cup water or raw coconut water
1 Tbsp. raw almond butter
1 Tbsp. raw whole golden flax seeds
1 Tbsp. raw cacao powder
2 medjool dates

Optional toppings
Coconut flakes
Cacao nibs


  1. In blender, starting with bananas and coconut water, toss in all ingredients. Blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into bowl and decorate with toppings.
Marina Yanay-Triner

Marina Yanay-Triner of Soul in the Raw is a high-raw vegan blogger, recipe creator, and health coach. Marina went vegan over 6 years ago as a result of her mother’s healing story from a cruel and painful bladder disease, and was able to heal her own extreme PMS symptoms, broken digestion, and grow a new connection with her own body. Marina creates recipes for busy people that are easy, quick, simple and satisfying. Her food is unprocessed, oil-free, and packed with flavor! She is the author of an online course called “The Effortlessly Flavorful Vegan Kitchen”. You can download Marina’s 2-week, whole food plant-based meal plan and grocery list at