What to Eat on a Raw Food Diet

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Curious about whether a raw food diet can benefit your body and refresh your mind? Here are the basics.

raw foods dietRaw food diets usually are based on whole foods that are unprocessed and plant-based. Although many raw foodists are vegans, some eat raw cheese or drink raw milk. Advocates feel that it helps them lose weight or maintain their weight, cleanse their bodies and improve their immune systems.

Foods usually included on raw food diets include:

  • To flavor your vegetables, try raw apple cider, such as Bragg Organic.
  • Got a sweet tooth and feel like fruit just doesn’t do the trick to satisfy it? Allow us to introduce you to a raw food dessert delight: Raw Crunch Bars! They’re available in flavors  such as cranberry and they’re perfect for snacks as well as dessert.

And a final note: Be cautious about raw grains and raw beans, as some can be dangerous to your health. Talk with a health care provider about this topic as well as before making a significant change to your diet, particularly if you have a condition such as diabetes.