Who, Me? Meditate?

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Q: What do yoga, meditation and an apple slicer have in common?
A: They  all take you to the core.

Many people are intimidated or overwhelmed by meditation. But you don’t need a turban or incense or anything, really””except five minutes””to meditate. Ya got five minutes? I think you do, because ironically and paradoxically, the time you “put in” to meditation comes back to you, multiplied!

You will be that much more efficient and focused and calm, and so you will actually gain time by sitting quietly for a few minutes every day. And more than that, you’ll feel happier and more peaceful. And it don’t get better than that.

Here are some tips for an at-home meditation practice:

Set the intention. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy””just say and write down something like, “I will meditate every morning.” Writing down your intention is incredibly powerful.

Choose a spot. Designate a spot in your home as your sacred meditation place. Make it a quiet place, away from the flurry of activity.

Make it beautiful””in your own way. Maybe that means just tidying up a bit, or perhaps you light a candle or place a favorite pillow on the floor to sit on.  

Be comfortable. You don’t need to sit upright on the floor. There are no “good” or “bad” ways to meditate. No rules. Except to do it. If it hurts your back to sit upright on the floor, sit against the wall or in a chair or even lie down. The first few years I meditated, I laid down almost every time I did so.   And I ain’t tellin’ how many times I fell asleep.

Keep it simple. Don’t read 10 books about meditating and talk about it with 47 people before you ever actually sit down in silence. It ain’t rocket science! You’re simply carving out some time every day to sit in silence and allow your mind to clear and become calm. That’s it.

Start small. Begin meditating for five minutes. If you meditate for five minutes consistently, you will see the amazing results of a calm, quiet and focused mind.

Don’t judge yourself or others. Don’t judge yourself if your mind is racing when you meditate. Don’t judge others if they react to your new meditation practice. Some people don’t understand the power of meditation and may poke fun. That’s OK. Just be with what is and allow the practice to work its magic.

Enjoy. Enjoy your new focus, inner peace and ability to know intuitively what will best suit you as you walk the path of your journey.

Have the best day ever!


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Taylor Wells, M.A., M.Ed., RYT, owns Prana Power Yoga, Inc., super-mom.com and Prana Super-mom Consulting. She is also a Boston Herald columnist and blogger, United Nations Yoga Peace Ambassador, activist, and happy Super-mom of 5 kids.