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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Quote of the day:

“You will recognize your path when you come upon it because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need.”
-Sara Teasdale

People frequently ask me three questions:

1. How do you do all that you do?
2. How do you have so much energy?
3. Do you ever sleep?

The answers to all three of these questions are answered by the quote above.

When you’re on your path, everything is easy and flows. You are literally flowing with life. With the higher flow. With the Universe.

And because you are, you leverage your time. Effortlessly.

You’ve experienced this before. When you’re doing something you love, time flies. When you’re in chemistry class, on the other hand (for me, personally), it seems as though it’ll never end (sorry, Mr. Rosen, Calabasas High).

Does this mean you’re gonna sit around all day long doin’ nothing? No way. Because wild horses can’t keep you from your path. It’s what you WANT to do.

In the last year, I consciously began using a four-letter word while talking to my ex-husband. “But wait!” you say. “You always say that you and your ex-husband are good friends, Taylor. And your daughter reads your blogs, so how can you say that?”

The four-letter word is “work.”

I so love my path that none of it”“”“the yoga, the writing, the marketing, the managing, the creating, the organizing”“”“feels like work. So I never called it that.

But then I realized that my ex-husband is on a very different path (hence why we are no longer married), and he didn’t get it. He didn’t get why I was busy. I realized that I was using a nomenclature he didn’t understand.

So I started using words he understood, like “work” and “business.”

But I didn’t go so far as to complain about my “work.” I walk my talk and know that I am a powerful creator thanks to the Law of Attraction. And I create deliberately.

Looking for your path? Wondering if you’re on it? Read the quote above again. You’ll know when you’re on it. Then nothing will stop you.

Have the best day ever!


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Taylor Wells, M.A., M.Ed., RYT, owns Prana Power Yoga, Inc., and Prana Super-mom Consulting. She is also a Boston Herald columnist and blogger, United Nations Yoga Peace Ambassador, activist, and happy Super-mom of 5 kids.