3 Natural Solutions for Pet Odors & Stains

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by | Updated: December 2nd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

The other day I sat on the couch, with a book in my hand, enjoying a relatively quiet afternoon. The kids were upstairs enjoying their first few days of freedom, a.k.a. summer break, and I had the windows open, allowing the light spring breeze to flow through the house, blowing away the last few particles of winter hiding in the corners. I smiled and closed my eyes–and then it hit me.

The distinct smell of dog.

Dog With Perked Up Ears Sitting on Couch | Vitacost.com/blog

I have as many dogs as I do kids, so, the odors in my house can get a little ripe, especially in the warmer months. But I’m not about to douse my house in dangerous chemicals to combat a little wet dog potpourri. There are some great plant-based products out there that are safe to use in a house full of little feet and paws.

Earth Friendly Products makes a stain and odor spray that is petrochemical free and formaldehyde free. They use enzymes, instead of soap, to get rid of smells and spots, meaning you don’t get any of that soapy residue that makes the stain worse instead of better, and it won’t leave behind any chemicals that you wouldn’t want your bare feet touching.

And if you need to absorb a heavily saturated stain, the baking soda-based PawGanics Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder will help pull moisture out of the carpet without the use of any harsh chemicals. (This is a great multipurpose product because it’s a life saver if one of your kids happens to vomit on the floor of your car after a long ride to the beach or if the dreaded stomach flu hits your house.)

And if you have a cat, pure baking soda can work wonders in the bottom of the litter box for absorbing and combating odors. But that’s about as far as my cat knowledge goes.

Just remember, there’s almost always a chemical-free non-toxic answer to your household needs, and pet challenges are no exception. Here’s to a stink-free summer for you and your pets!