Treat Your Pup: The Best Bones, Chews & Toys for Dogs of All Types

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Finding the right dog toy can be a tricky task. It either gets torn in half after the first chomp, or it’s completely ignored while your dog chews, instead, on your brand new sneakers. Part of the difficulty lies in not knowing exactly what type of toy or bone your dog needs, and the other part is not fully knowing the quality you’re getting when you make a purchase.

Don’t be discouraged, though, because we’ve rounded up the top three dog toys for whichever type of dog you have!

Small Poodle Chewing on One of the Best Dog Toys for Little Pups (A Small Orange Ball) |

Large dogs

Larger dogs tend to have big, strong mouths, so it’s not surprising that they often destroy the well-thought-out toys we provide. This means that it’s essential to find durable toys that can hold up to their solid jaws.

Castor & Pollux Dog Treat Meaty Bone 4 inches |

Nylabone Power Chews This furry favorite bone is a favorite for good reason. It’s sturdy enough to handle the bite of a large dog, and it supplies flavor throughout the entire life of the bone.

Castor & Pollux Meaty Bone This real bone is filled with a delicious center that will keep your meat-lover busy for hours. The best thing about this bone is that once your dog finishes the meat center, you can refill it with whatever you want, like peanut butter or more treats.

QT Dog Buffalo Tugs If you’re strong enough to stand up to your dog, this tug and chew will be the perfect tool to give both you and your big guy a workout. The chew is made with real buffalo, and the rope with real cotton, making for a sturdy, all-natural game of tug-o-war.

Mid-size dogs

Medium-sized size dog can go either way with their toys, so knowing your dog will help a lot when choosing a toy.

Lumabone The Stick Medium  |

Good Buddy Rawhide Bone This single-layer bone is perfect for mid-size dogs, because it stands up to strong jaws, but isn’t too much to handle. It also promotes healthy gums and teeth, while satisfying your meat lover.

Ethical Pet Products Skinneeez These plush toys are stuffing free, which means no mess to clean up! There are a range of animal choices to keep the hunter in your dog entertained.

Lumabone the Stick Forget tossing those splintery sticks in your backyard and start using the Lumabone. It is made out of real wood and nylon so it acts like a stick, but is durable and reliable.

Small dogs

These little guys, though feisty, are not very strong. So it’s OK to toss them cute little plush toys. However, you still want to make sure these toys are high quality. Once little pups get a hold of their toy, chances are they won’t let go until it is destroyed to pieces. Luckily, since their little teeth can’t do too much damage, it should be quite a while until they reach this point.

Multipet Cuddle Buddies Duckworthy |

Multipet Cuddle Buddies Duckworthy These little ducks make the perfect cuddle buddy for your little guy. With a built-in squeaker, it will keep your pup entertained and comfortable at the same time.

Lumabone Bacon Flavor Dental Chew A dental chew that tastes like bacon? You may have a hard time pulling your dog away from this one. This chew promotes teeth cleaning and is small enough for dogs under 30 pounds.

Multipet Canine Clean Spearmint Another dental enhancer, this toy combines chew and rope to make for a multi-textured experience that both massages gums and removes tartar.

Active dogs

The trick with super active or ‘hyper’ dogs is finding treats that take a long time to figure out.

Chuckit Ultra Ball Medium |

Ethical Pet Products Spot Knot for Nothin’. This fun toy is made of knotted rope which makes for a fun and time consuming task.

Chuckit Ultra Ball These high-bounce, high-velocity balls have no fuzz to make for a (relatively) slobber free experience. They are durable and buoyant, so they’re perfect for a day at the beach.

Ethical Pet Products Spot Pet Laser Although not what you typically pick up as a dog toy, a laser can be the perfect thing for your energetic pup. Point it all around the house to get your dog running, jumping and panting.

Lazy dogs

Even the most tired, laziest little guys need something to play with every once in a while. Instead of trying to force your sleepy Fido to figure out a Rubix cube of a toy, stick with the basics and you just may find that he likes toys a little bit more than you thought. If you have an older dog that still likes to play, you can try out these toys for him also.

Nylabone Power Chew Long Lasting Large Dog Toy Original |

Nylabone Power Chews The timeless taste of this bone works well for lazier dogs. These bones are a great way to help your dog maintain his or her jaw strength and dental health, without being too intimidating.

Multipet Lamb Chop Lamb Chop is a reliable, plush toy that never fails. You would be hard pressed to find a dog that doesn’t get roped into the playfulness of the Lamb Chop.

Multipet Loofa Dog Loofa Dog is a long, squeaky toy perfect for your tired, gentle dog. It is easy for your dog to carry from room to room, and it’s just sturdy enough to hold up against not-so-strong jaws.


Puppies are similar to small dogs in that they are hyper but not too strong, so smaller plush toys may work for them. However, puppies are in an important developmental stage, so it’s a good idea to take a bit more care when choosing which toys you’ll give them. If you choose well, you can find a toy that your pup loves and that provides some type of extra benefits.

Castor & Pollux Good Buddy® Rawhide Braided Sticks Dog Chew 7" |

Good Buddy Rawhide Braided Sticks Rawhide is great for cleaning the gums and teeth of a dog, making it great for your growing puppy.

Nylabone Dental Dinosaur This dental chew is made with special tips to help clean teeth and massage gums even more.

Trusty Pup Tough N’ Fun Penguin This penguin is equipped with chew guard technology and a squeaker that is silent to the human ear. Now your puppy can squeak all through the night while you sleep peacefully.