5 Healthy Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Remember when you were a child and made your own Mother’s Day gifts and cards? It might have been a lopsided picture of a cat, or perhaps your first attempt at sculpture. But you knew that Mom would love it because you made it yourself. This Mother’s Day, we’re proposing that you make your own healthy gift basket to show your love. We’ve put together some delicious, good-for-Mom presents that will make her smile.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas


● An assortment of chocolate bars are perfect: They’re high in antioxidants and blissful to bite! And when it comes to names, well, we think that Chocolove Dark Chocolate Bar’s title says it all.

● For moms who feel that every day needs to start with coffee, we’re excited about the Vitacost brand of brews! We’ve tried them all (yum) and suggest you give Mom a variety, including Sumatra.

● A cuppa tea offers instant comfort. For amMom who likes spicy herbal teas, try Yogi Caffeine-Free Egyptian Licorice Herbal Tea. Into caffeine? Try Twinings Classics.

● Snack-loving moms will love Vitacost Trail Mix. It’s got dried fruits and nuts for a naturally sweet mixture that satisfies.

Do you have a mom who’s always on the go, rushing here, dashing there, and sometimes forgetting to eat in quest of fulfilling her to-do list? We’ve found the delicious solution: Quest NutritionQuestBar Protein Bar in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor. The bars are low in sugar, high in fiber and protein and overflowing with great flavor.

● There’s something elegant about preserves (it makes us think of an old-fashioned British afternoon tea). And there’s something extra-special when those preserves are also all-natural, as is the case with St. Dalfour, which comes in flavors such as Red Cranberry and Blueberry.