5 Simple Things You Can Do to Support Heart Health

by | Updated: January 31st, 2017 | Read time: 2 minutes

You have the power to profoundly affect your heart’s destiny. Heart disease doesn’t appear overnight; it is the end result of many years of heart-unhealthy choices. Let’s look at five ways that you can positively influence your heart and, ultimately, your whole life. Colorful Fruits and Vegetables to Supprt Heart Health | Vitacost.com/blog

1. Eat the rainbow

To give your heart what it needs to function optimally, eat a diet chock-full of fruits and vegetables including all the colors of the rainbow. Aim to include plenty of healthy oils and fats, such as pumpkin oil, walnut oil, fish oil, flax oil, hemp seed oil and olive oil, to support a healthy inflammatory response and healthy cholesterol levels. Beans and legumes are always a smart addition to a heart-healthy diet, as is lean protein from fish, skinless chicken (or turkey) and egg whites. Foods you want to avoid include whole milk dairy products, beef and chicken (or turkey) skin, all of which contain unhealthy saturated fat.

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2. Spice up your life

Add garlic, cayenne pepper and turmeric to your diet and enjoy not only the flavor, but the stimulating and heart-energizing properties of these spices. Some spices are known to help support healthy cholesterol.*


3. Get moving

Whether it’s a hike, swim or bike ride, get your body and heart moving for a healthy heart and circulatory system. Or, do yoga to calm your mind and emotions, Pilates to strengthen your core and dancing to boost your body’s production of feel-good brain chemicals. All of these exercises support not only your physical heart but also your spirit.

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4. Smile!

An ancient Chinese exercise to support heart health is to look in the mirror and really smile at yourself. According to Chinese medicine, this practice boosts the vital force, or Qi, in your heart, supports self-loving feelings and nourishes your heart. Do this for a one minute each day and watch how it transforms your physical and emotional “heart.”

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5. Relax

Having a rough day? Consider taking some magnesium to support relaxation. Magnesium is an important mineral that plays a role in normal muscle contraction and relaxation. It can also help support healthy blood pressure already within normal range. Consider Magnesium Calm a wonderful tasting magnesium powder that is easily mixed with water.*

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