5 Tips to Keep Fido Safe This Summer

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Dogs don’t sweat. You already knew this? Good. Then we can skip the biology lesson. But if you already know this then you also know that summertime can be dangerous and possibly life threatening to your family’s furry loved one. From heat safety to healthy grooming, make sure your pet is cared for and comfortable all summer long with these five summer safety tips for dogs:

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Be aware of the heat

Certain breeds, particularly those with short snouts like bulldogs and pugs, are more prone to heat than others. Take walks early in the morning or in the evening to reduce the risk of overheating, make sure your dog has a cool place to rest during the day and always has clean, fresh water available to stay hydrated. Never, EVER leave your dog in the car. In less than 10 minutes the inside of your car can reach over 120 degrees. Even one animal lost to this unnecessary practice is one too many.

Protect your pup from parasites and insects

Whether you choose to go natural with something like Natural Chemistry Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs or bring out the big guns with Frontline Plus, be sure to protect your dog against the little critters like fleas and ticks. Not only do these pests cause discomfort and irritation, but they can put your dog at risk for illnesses like heart worm and Lyme disease.

Have healthy grooming habits

Many dogs have sensitive skin and can develop itchiness, irritation and sores called “hot spots.” Bathing your pup with a soap-free shampoo such as BioGroom Natural Waterless No Rinse Shampoo. It cleans away dirt and oils while helping to relieve dry, irritated skin. And if hot spots do occur, help your dog stay comfortable and manage irritation with Vets Best Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray..

Pamper their Paws

Heated sidewalks and asphalt can really take a toll on the pads of your dog’s paws. Keep Cain and Able Paw Rub on hand (bad pun intended) to treat and heal mild damage from the elements. It’s also great for soothing hot spots, insect bites and minor skin irritations, and it’s 100 percent natural, which means when your dog licks at it””which he will””you don’t have to worry about it making him sick.

Take care of their teeth

Be proactive about your dog’s dental health. I know first hand how easy it is to let it fall by the wayside, but if you start early, you may get away with never having huge vet dental bills. Keep tooth-friendly treats around the house, such as Greenies, to fight plaque and tartar build-up and promote healthy teeth and gums. Then, invest in a Virbac C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit for Pets.  I know brushing your dog’s teeth sounds crazy, but trust me, it’s nowhere near as crazy as the vet bill for extracting 20 of your dog’s teeth””I speak from experience. Outside of saving yourself an astronomical amount of money, you’re also saving your dog a lifetime of discomfort and possible health threats including kidney and liver disease.